10 Best Brad Point Drill Bits【That Saves Your Money】

If you want superior precision and usability while working with wood then use brad point drill bits. These bits are special and unlike a regular twist bit, these sharp tips enable it to bite into the material. Moreover, the brad bits bear a tip that is designed to avert splinters from forming.

In order to achieve the perfect boring in wood projects, we need a top-notch drill bit. We reviewed the top 10 best brad point drill in this article based on their quality and characteristics.

Best Brad Point Drill Bits 2021

Image Product Ratings
backpac Fisch FSF-364757 Imperial Brad Point Drill Bit Set (7-Pcs) 10/10
COMOWARE Brad Point Drill Bit Set (7-Pcs)

DEWALT Drill Bit Set, Brad Point, (DW1720),Black (6-Pcs)
backpac Steelex D1034 Deluxe Brad Point Bit Set (25-Pcs) 9/10
backpac Fisch Brad Point Drill Bits (10mm x 133mm) (1-Pcs)
backpac WoodRiver Fractional Inch Brad Point Drill Bit Index Set (29-Pcs)

backpac 12″ Long Brad Point Bit Set (7-Pcs) 8/10
backpac DREMEL 631 Brad Point Bits (4-Pcs) 8/10
backpac Bosch B14616 Brad Point Drill Bit Set (5-Pcs) 7.5/10
backpac RUSTARK Wood Drill Bit Set (23-Pcs) 7.5/10

1. FISCH Brad Point Drill Bits (29-Pcs)

  • High precision
  • Assures swift cutting
  • Suitable with all type of woods and acrylic glass

Fisch 364757 offers best brad point drill bits in imperial sizes it is worth considering. It provides a range of 1/16 to 1/2-inch drill bits. Furthermore, it is made with chrome-vanadium steel; it is useful for softwood and hardwood and laminated wood.

Its storage case that carries the 29 drill bits comes in decent appearance, but more importantly, it is easy to carry around with a handle at the top. Many other drill bit sets don’t come with a custom case, so having one is welcome. Moreover, these bits also have a bevelled edge that helps them stick better to the wood material you’re working on.

Both the drill bits and the case are of good quality, and the wide variety of sizes will help you get a wide range of tasks done.


  • Ensures fast and easy cutting
  • Unbelievable speed and productivity
  • Bevelled edge for perfect drilling without deviation


  • Some tabs can be prone to slight damage check the bits before buying

2-.COMOWARE Brad Point Drill Bits (7-Pcs)

  • Greater compatibility
  • Made from highly durable material
  • Superb design assures a swift drilling experienceBest spade wood bits

This Comoware brad point bits consist of a total of 6-pieces, including sizes ranging from 1/8- to 1/2-inch to suit most basic drilling needs. Moreover, to make setup and compatibility easier for most drills, the set’s biggest drill bit has a reduced shank so that even smaller chucks can accommodate it.

This set has a signature bevelled edge on the side to help the brad-point tip hold onto wood better; it also helps to get the exact diameter drilled. Adding to the edges would be the outer spur lips to help increase the whole drill bit’s anchorage.

It is made from carbon steel; the bits are ideal for general wood projects preferably beginner type or casual ones. Also, chip removal is not an issue due to the bits’ double-flute design so you can work efficiently without having to worry about clean-up. Lastly, this kit’s biggest drill bit has a reduced shank for more excellent compatibility, making it qualify in the list of best brad point drill bits.


  • Highly affordable
  • Can be fitted on all types of drills
  • Design reduces the build-up of waste 


  • Lack of storage case

3.DEWALT Brad Drill Bit Set (6-Pcs)

  • Quite manageable
  • Can be fitted in all devices
  • Precise cutting edges to reduce splintering

The DeWalt DW1720 Drill Bit Set is a 6-piece package that is the right choice for someone who’s just getting started with woodworking or want to try brad point drills affordably. Moreover, these bits’ flutes have a shape that ensures chipping comes off clean when using them. 

The sizes included range from 1/8- to 1/2-inch. All of the bits are made of high-speed steel. Also, due to the bits’ edges’ design, they can be used for doweling when necessary.

The bits come with a one-year limited warranty. Furthermore, the features I like about this product is its design of the edges and flutes. They can help with clearing chips out of the way, so you have more time to work on the material and less time cleaning it.


  • Well suited with heavy-duty projects
  • The bits offer you precise and swift drilling
  • Reduces the energy you have to put in while cleaning


  • Set doesn’t come in a case and creates a little hassle

4-STEELEX Brad Point Bit Set (25-Pcs)

  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Comes with a storage case
  • Enables uncomplicated storage

Steelex D1034 brad point drill bit is a 25- piece set that uses high-speed steel to be more suitable for hardwood and challenging heavy-duty projects. The bits included range from 1/8- to 1/2-inch and are neatly arranged in a durable storage case with a handle. Moreover, the bits 23/64-inch in diameter and larger have a 3/8-inch shank while the remaining ones have a 1/4-inch shank. 

As mentioned earlier, having reduced shank sizes helps with easy drill fitting standard drills with up to 1/2-inch diameter chuck can work well with all of these bits.

The most notable feature of these brad bits is its durable case which includes all of the bits. Moreover, it has relatively small shank sizes so you can easily fit them into most drills. All these qualities make this set as one of the best brad point drill bits.


  • Resistant to rust and pressure
  • Idle for multiple types of operations
  • Excellent for clean, flat bottom holes


  • Is not suited with a hand drill

5-FISCH Brad Point Drill Bits (1-Pcs)

  • Optimize spur point drill bit
  • Offers effortless storage and carriage
  • Assures excellent performance and precisionBest spade wood bits

Fisch Brad-point bit is useful for soft, hard, exotic, veneered and laminated wood. It is a single piece brad bit but extremely useful with heavy-duty projects. Moreover, its bevelled edge leads to a perfect drilling of the diameter without any deviation.

These drill bits are manufactured from high-speed steel with center point, 2 cutters and 2 spurs. Designed for maximum performance, the optimized spurs ensure fast and easy cutting of the wood fibers before the hole. Furthermore, the optimized spurs insure quick and easy cutting of the wood fibers before drilling. 

Additionally, the product has a fantastic design that gives the item maximum sturdiness and longevity. The excellent build of the bit makes it resistant to rust, corrosion, indenting, and other types of damages.

I recommend this brad bit because it is budget-friendly, lightweight and multipurpose. All these features are the reason to include it in drill bit reviews.


  • Fast and easy cutting
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Provides you with a staggering drill speed


  • Basic packaging

6-WOODRIVER Brad Point Drill Bit Set (29-Pcs)

  • Full diameter shank on bits
  • Assorted multi-range of bits
  • Professionals choice

Woodriver brad points bits is another set that comes with a sturdy, durable case. It has 29-pieces ranging from 1/16- to 1/2-inch in size, these bits are made out of carbon steel. Furthermore, the bits up to the 3/8-inch size have a full diameter shank.

Due to the design of their edges, you can also possibly use them for dowel hole drilling. Moreover, it is suitable for casual or light to medium woodworking projects. I prefer this product because its durable case for a drill bit set helps keep you organized during your woodworking project.

Keep this in mind the carbon steel material might have a bit of trouble with hardwood or heavy-duty drilling due to not being as robust as chrome-vanadium and other higher-quality materials. Lastly, it is a slightly expensive kit but worth it. 


  • Indexed storage case
  • Highly durable carbon steel bits
  • Idle for light to medium woodworking projects


  • Slightly expensive

7-12″ Long Brad Point Bit Set (7-Pcs)

  • High-speed steel
  • Standard twist bits
  • Each bit is engraved with sizes for easy identification

If you were drilling a piece of wood and came up short or had to attempt somehow to drill correctly, then this is the best brad point drill bit set for you. 

This extra-long drill bit set comes with the following diameter drill bits: 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16 and 1/2. Furthermore, each bit is engraved with the size for easy identification. Each bit in the set is approximately 12″ long, and they are made from high-speed steel. 

Typically brad point drill bits are perfect for drilling wood, plastic and some composite materials. Moreover, the brad points have a sharp point on the tip, which prevents the bit from “walking” like standard twist bits tend to do. Also, the woodworkers love to use brad point drill bits on most of the projects.

Brad-point drill bits don’t move from the original contact point, producing much more accurate and cleaner results.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Produces accurate and cleaner results


  • Not suitable for aluminium material

8.DREMEL Brad Point Bits (4-Pcs)

  • Compatible with all Dremel rotary tools
  • Idle solution for home improvements
  • High-speed drill bits ideal for drilling into wood

This set of brad point drill bits features four titanium-coated brad points designed to stay in the center and begin drilling immediately. Moreover, the bits range in size from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch. Its applications include drilling into hardwood, softwood, soft metal, and plastic. Bits range in size from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch.

It has marvelously engineered flutes, the brad-point tip of the item assures superb drilling experience. Also, the design reduces the walking and ensures that you get a clean cut every time. Besides, the bits are made from top-quality materials, making them durable.

Due to its pocket-friendly price and renowned brand name in the market, it is listed in the list of best brad point drill bits 2021.


  • Affordable price
  • Drill holes up to 1/4 diameter
  • Titanium coated enables immediate drilling


  • Sometimes bits not labelled properly

9-Bosch Brad Point Drill Bits (5-Pcs)

  • Multipurpose bits
  • Extra-long length
  • Two types of shank

This metric drill bits’ set is a beginner-friendly and budget-friendly worth considering a set of chrome-vanadium brad point drill bits. Moreover, it consists of five bits ranging from 1/8″ to 3/8″ in size; the set also comes inside a case as the other Fisch picks mentioned above.

Having the signature bevelled edge on the side to help the brad-point tip hold onto wood better, it also helps to get the exact diameter drilled. Also, adding to the edges would be the outer spur lips to help increase the whole drill bit’s anchorage.

The feature I like best in this set is its travel-friendly case which makes it portable. Lastly, the edge design and outer spurs (crown-like design) help prevent tear-outs and enhance the attachment and stability of the brad-point tip and the whole drill bit.


  • Full set of standard size
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Penetrates surface quickly


  • Not readily available in the market check online

10-RUSTARK Wood Drill Bit Set (23-Pcs)

  • Premium brad-point bit drill
  • Includes essential bit stop collar set
  • High-temperature forging-quenching technology 

This drill bit kit contains 6 pcs brad point drill in 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 8 pcs center point set in 1/4″ 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″ (diameter), 8 pcs drill chuck in 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, 5/8″ and 1 pcs hex key.

This metric brad point drill bits made from top-class carbon steel with high-temperature forging-quenching technology for wear resistance and long service time. Furthermore, the spiral and wide flutes for removing the chip quickly. With universal round handle, both electric drill and bench drill can be used, avoiding walking.

The bits are of numerous types, offering multiple purposes. Lastly, these bits can help you with different kinds of wood in diverse projects.


  • Wear resistance
  • Long service time
  • Wide flutes for removing the chip quickly


  • Not suitable for concrete, stone, metal, glass and ceramics

Check out the high rated forstner bits, because every house needs it.

Essential Things to Consider Before Buying a Brad Drill Bit

To solve your confusion of getting the best brand point drill bit out of the ten products mentioned above. You should follow the below-described criteria during the process.


The quality of a drill bit determines its longevity and performance. Select a drill bit that has a sturdy quality. Now, the question is, which type of drill bit should you go for.

Well, you will find high carbon steel is used in making drill bits. And it is an excellent option as it is relatively less expensive and useful for various types of work. 

Drill bits come in both imperial and metric sets depending on which you are comfortable with. When looking into metric drill bit sets, you’re most likely to find bits from 3 to 13 mm, while imperial sets generally range from 1/16- up to 1/2-inch in diameter.

The number of sizes or pieces you want in the set may also depend on your use case. Also, for beginners or casual woodworkers, 6-piece sets might work just fine. On the other hand, seasoned woodworkers might want to grab a 25- or more piece set to have more flexibility and be ready for a more comprehensive array of projects.


There are several designs like double flutes and single flutes. Also, a well-designed drill bit is going to operate faster and is going to offer superior results. Furthermore, you have to decide which one is going to be a better option for you.

So, when you are going through the ergonomics, make sure that you are picking the right one for the job at hand. Also, having superior design ensures better precision, more features, and assures a walk less drilling experience.

Storage Case

Without a proper tool case, you can easily be at risk of losing some of the bits (especially the smaller sizes) or accidentally swapping them with your other drill bits of the same size. Also, having all of your drill bits organized in one simple tool case helps a lot with productivity.

Worse, you might not be able to quickly identify the drill bit’s size if it’s not present in a slot with a size label below, which can seriously waste time. That’s why having a well-designed case for efficiently storing all of the drill bits in one go is a helpful tool for any woodworker.

Use this guide to learn how to drill a large hole in wood.


While dealing with wood projects, every carpenter, woodworker, construction worker, or power-tool user needs a drill bit that grants them everything. With this article, your needs can be satisfied.

If you are looking for a high-quality multipurpose bit set, then FISCH 364757 Brad Point Drill Bits (29-Pcs) is a good option. Although if you want budget-friendly but good quality bits then try using DREMEL 631 Brad Point Bits (4-Pcs).

All of the products mentioned in this review is the choice of professionals and many DIY users as the best brad point drill bits set, and if you want your work to stand out, then give them a try.

Do not forget to choose the best brand; click here and sort it out.


What is a brad point drill bit?

Brad point drill bits are specially designed to drill clean holes in hard and soft woods without wandering. 

Are brad point drill bits expensive?

It depends entirely on your choice. If you find these expensive, you can also go for drill bits for drill press, if it fits the purpose.

How often should one sharpen a brad nail?

There is no specific period on how often or when to sharpen a brad-bit. We suggest that in this case, you follow your instinct. But if you are a novice, our recommendation would be to sharpen a brad drill quite frequently.

What are brad point drill bits used for?

They are used for boring precise holes. A Brad Point Drill Provides a clean, straight, and accurately sized hole in wood. At some points you do not need it, instead a cobalt drill bit is the answer.

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