9 Best Concrete Crack Filler to get in 2021

best concrete crack filler

A surface with concrete crack does not only show a deformity, but it is also not suitable for your building and home safety. The reason behind these cracks is the inappropriate mixing of the concrete solution. This improper mixing results in shrinkage of the concrete surface when a large amount of water being used evaporates.

But there is nothing to worry about, the market is filled with concrete crack fillers. Crack fillers are the lifesavers of walls and surfaces, and most of them are very easy to apply and dry. Concrete crack repair products have a texture like concrete, making it easier to use.

Top 9 Concrete Crack Filler 2021

There are nine best concrete crack repair products based on Amazon and personal suggestions. I have been using these for years now and providing useful insights and information regarding these crack fillers. Let us review all these nine products to help you choose the best concrete crack filler.

Snow BlowersRatings
Applied Technologies Crack Repair Kit10/10 [Editor's Choice]
Red Devil Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch8.5/10
Bluestar Flexible Concrete Crack Filler9/10
Damtite Concrete Patch9.5/10
Epoxy Mortar Patching System9/10
Crack Stix Concrete Joint and Crack Fill8.5/10
Bluestar Flexible Hairline Crack Filler7/10
Drylok Cement Hydraulic7.5/10
Rust-Oleum Concrete Patch8/10

1:Applied Technologies Crack Repair Kit

Why we love it:

filling concrete cracks

  •  Fast surface sealer
  • Stop Water Leaks
  •  It’s the choice of professionals

✅ Includes everything to repair a crack.❌ You have to go through a complete guide to assemble the product
✅ For better injection, it has proxy paste to tighten the bond
✅ Comes with detailed instructions and a guide

2:Red Devil Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch

Why we love it:

best cement crack sealer

  • Easy to Clean
  • Doesn’t Shrink
  • Texture Like Concrete

✅ Allows easy sanding and painting❌ Sometimes the end of the small tubes split open if not handled properly
✅ Available in small-sized, quart-sized and gallon-sized tubes
✅ Premixed concrete patch

3:Bluestar Flexible Concrete Crack Filler

Why we love it:

concrete cracks filler

  •  Repair hairline cracks in concrete
  •  Flexible crack filler for cold and hot weather
  • Easy and fast in application

✅ Bottle nozzle shaped tip makes applications accurate❌ Choosing the wrong colored concrete will make it prominent
✅ Has two shades of concrete, grey and light grey
✅ Prevents moisture from seeping in

4:Damtite Concrete Patch

Why we love it:

concrete crack sealer reviews

  • Provides waterproof finish to the surface
  • It takes just two hours to dry
  • Bond is of high strength

✅ Self-bonding cement crack filler❌ Curing process is extended for driveways, like three days
✅ Contains patching base powder and bonding liquid
✅ No additional additives are required

5:Epoxy Mortar Patching System

Why we love it:

cement crack filler reviews

  • Provides 100% results
  • Fast-drying epoxy filler
  • 10X stronger than traditional concrete

✅ Weatherproof and waterproof formula❌ Not easy to remove once applied as it has a strong bond and quick drying speed
✅ Will not crack or break even in adverse situations
✅ Works on many surfaces

6:Crack Stix Concrete Joint and Crack Fill

Why we love it:

crack filler concrete

  • Flexible dry time; 20 min
  • Mess-free application
  • Professional results

✅ Super resilient❌ Requires blowtorch for melting and sealing
✅ Self-bonding
✅ 100% watertight seal

7:Bluestar Flexible Hairline Crack Filler

Why we love it:

best cement crack repair

  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Flexible in cold and hot weather
  • Cover micron-sized crack

✅ Fine hairline crack filler❌ Selection of the wrong color in the concrete filler looks peculiar
✅ Provides 100% accuracy
✅ Easy to handle

8:Drylok Cement Hydraulic

Why we love it:

concrete crack fill

  • Act as an anchors metal to masons
  • Has the ability to stop water under pressure
  • Curing time is 5-minute

✅ Affordable price❌ Needs to mix with water
✅ Useful for both indoors and outdoors
✅ Dries fast

9:Rust-Oleum Concrete Patch

Why we love it:

best crack filler for concrete driveway

  • Good consistency
  • Smooth Finish
  • Cures Fast

✅ The concrete patch doesn't shrink due to weather changes❌ Sometimes it leaves a shine after the application
✅ Does not have a foul smell
✅ Affordable Price

Buying Guide

“Methods and Criteria are to choose the best concrete crack filler 2021”

The following are some criteria that we should keep in mind while purchasing a filler. It will help us in the selection of the best concrete crack filler.

Mixing Criteria:

Crack fillers are usually premixed, or we have to mix them with water or some additive. If we want a ready to apply crack filler and are in hassle, it’s best to choose premixed concrete crack filler, they come in liquid and paste texture.

If not as I mentioned above, we have “Crack-Stix concrete joint & crack fill” also provides a useful application. We need a blowtorch tool for it so that it melts the concrete filler.

Application Criteria:

Mostly we require some tools to apply the crack filler for that we have different tools like a putty knife. However, some concrete crack fillers are designed in such a way that we do not need any tool for the application, for example; “Bluestar hairline concrete cracks filler” as it comes in a bottle with a nozzle.

Some Crack fillers also require a caulking gun or a torch for heating. In “concrete foundation crack repair kit by applied technologies” a caulking gun comes as a part of the set.

Curing Time:

Time varies from every concrete crack filler, but mostly water-based crack filler requires more time to dry then the formula and mixing crack fillers. That’s why for traffic and driveways, formula crack fillers are better as they dry in a couple of hours.

Intended Usage:

Does it depend on where do we want to use the concrete crack filler? If the crack filler is runny, it’s better to apply this on floor cracks. Also, keep in mind the size and width of the crack before applying a crack filler on it.

Temperature Tolerance:

Best concrete crack fillers are those who can withstand adverse climate conditions, either hot or cold. Most of the products the above mentioned reviewed products are resistant to weather and support in poor climate conditions. While choosing a filler, choose a concrete crack filler that is resistant to the bad weather condition. 

Resistant with water:

The concrete crack filler should carry excellent resistance with the water. It should prevent water leaks and have waterproof characteristics. If we are looking for the best concrete crack filler, don’t forget to find a waterproof crack filler. I reviewed many products in this article which are water-resistant and waterproof like Drylok fast plug hydraulic cement, Damtite concrete super patch, and many others. Because it is necessary if you want a long term, the smooth surface filler should have these waterproof characteristics.


For beginners who do not know how to fill a concrete crack, tools and fillers “Fast Set Concrete Foundation Crack Repair Kit by Applied Technologies” is best for them. In case you are looking for a filler that creates zero-mess you should try “Crack Stix concrete joint and crack fill”. On the other hand, if you want a simple and affordable crack filler “Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield Concrete Patch and Repair” is the best choice it delivers smooth results.

For users who prefer waterproof crack fillers “Damtite concrete patch”, “Red devil concrete patch” and “Drylok Cement Hydraulic” are the best concrete crack fillers for them. If you are looking for concrete crack fillers for driveways and traffic ways “Epoxy mortar patching system’’ is the best choice.

Lastly, for tiny and hairline concrete cracks “Bluestar concrete crack filler” and “Bluestar flexible hairline concrete crack filler” are highly recommended.

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