Best Featherboard for Table Saw【2021, Complete Guide】

best featherboard for table saw

There is no denying the fact that we love a perfect cut. However, to some, it has cost a finger. But not anymore, having a perfectly aligned cut with a table saw is possible with a simple tool; featherboard.

As an ideal table saw, featherboard will help you secure your wood in the right place, not forget with adequate firmness. Remember that the wrong feather boards can cause not only an undesired cut but also damages your workpiece.

Recently I was asked in my earlier posts about how to enhance productivity while saving the hand from any unfortunate events. I had only one answer to it, and that was to get the best featherboard for a table saw.

However, I was certain that the information is not enough. Therefore, I created this list of the top-rated and personally utilized feather board. Nonetheless, both professionals and DIYers are going to get a great advantage from this article.

If you are in a hurry, you are allowed to skim through this article as below.

Best Featherboard for Table Saw for 2021

Product Product Name Rating
 Magswitch – 8110015 Table Featherboard
 DRILLPRO Double Featherboards (9.5/10)
 Bow FP1 Feather Board
 Milescraft 1406 FeatherBoard
 Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard
 Kreg True-Flex Featherboard
 Magswitch Feather Board
JessEm 4015 Feather Board
 Bench Dog 40-011 Double Featherboard (7.5/10)
 Bosch Feather Boards (7/10)
BI-DTOOL Featherboards (7/10)

1. Magswitch – 8110015 Table Featherboard

  • Ideal to use on fence
  • It works on both sides and comes in a composite form
  • It eliminates the need of using a miter slot

It is one of those fantastic feather boards that are easier to use than other expensive ones in the market. The popularity of it lies in the fact that it doesn’t limit the usage; it means that you can use it on a blade or fence. 

Nonetheless, the color is exciting, and many reviews state that it lifts the mood and makes the work productive. When it comes to the pressure, it puts 95 pounds on each side and ensures that you do not get distracted because of unbalancing. 

Besides that, the blades are terrific when it comes to woodworking; you can use both sides’ blades with extreme convenience. 

I love how smooth it is, even when I am rushing through work. Therefore, I suggest you buy it if you have plenty of projects in line. Also, for a beginner, the two holding switches are an excellent option to use. 


  • Two amazingly designed on and off switches
  • It lasts longer even with regular usage
  • It doesn’t allow kickback


  • The T-slot will always face the magnets

2. DRILLPRO Double Featherboards

  • Suitable for multiple projects
  • Uses 13 angles fingers to put adequate pressure
  • It comes with four miter bars

Undeniably when we get into DIY projects, we can find so many things to do and, most importantly, to upgrade previous tasks. Now for such purposes, a feather board that only accommodates a single project doesn’t come in handy. 

This best starter table saw is ready to help you in various projects by applying the required pressure with the ultimate 13 angled fingers. In addition to that, it comes with four miter saw slots, which are ideal for standard miter slots. 

Nonetheless, with the exceptional grip, your hands, particularly the fingers, remain protected. The most applaudable feature is that regardless of the task, you will not have any kickbacks

More importantly, the miter slot gets attached effortlessly to the feather board. Among the other featherboards, this is the one you shouldn’t miss if you have the budget. 


  • It uses the ultimate polymer for durability
  • Places the working frame tightly with the knobs
  • It is known for smooth cuts


  • The knobs need some clearing before working perfectly

3. Bow FP1 Feather Board

  • It is Amazon’s choice
  • Fives times saver 
  • Thick in construction 

It is one of the most distinctive featerboard in the market. Instead of plastic or wood, it uses foam. Although you may debate on wood puts more pressure. 

However, with this foam feather-board for your table saw, you will feel the pressure is more potent and effective. Moreover, with the foam, it is harder than the other traditional ones at a reasonable price. 

On the other hand, it gives you more ease. As with the foam, you can confidently hold your tool. Moreover, when the time comes after excessive usage, you can change the feathers conveniently. 

When it comes to kickback, these thick feathers absorb it and give you a clearer and smooth cut. What I love the most about it how excellent a router table featherboard it has become for me. Not just that, I have observed that there is less distraction while using it. 

Although it is your choice for a beginner, I would recommend no other feather-board than this. 


  • It provides a smooth finishing cut
  • Excellent to absorb kickbacks
  • You can change the feather boards


  • A little oversized for portable saws

4. Milescraft 1406 FeatherBoard

  • Two miter bars to fit 
  • Offers double side movement
  • Stable and uniform pressure 

If you still haven’t made your mind, this feather board could be it, especially when dealing with a router table saw. Nonetheless, it is an ideal choice for those too who are tight on budget. 

In addition to that, it uses the two standard miter boards, which are convenient when you are in a hurry. It means that there will be ease of assembling the work station. 

Nevertheless, it is not only suited for router table but also generic table saws. Therefore, it gives you more working options and that too at a reasonable price. 

Besides that, it comes with a dual slide motion it means that you can use the blades on each side, and with the forward motion, you are ready to have an excellent cut. 

Also, the knobs play a significant role in tightening and loosening the object. Since these are the knobs, you can adjust these at any time. 


  • Easy on budget
  • The ultimate pre-load design
  • It comes with miter bards and T-slot bolts


  • Requires you to hold it in place

5. Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard

  • A single knob for easy adjustments
  • A one pivot point result in high productivity
  • Snug fit reduces kickbacks

The market is full of feather boards that are either complex or have too many knobs to deal with, but with this ideal board, you have one knob, and you can make adjustments are you like. 

Not just that, the grip is sufficient to hold onto and makes the object stay in the right place. Nonetheless, the pressure is adequate and lets you work through it in one go. 

Do not worry if you have to deal with fluctuating widths because the pivot point will allow you to do the task smoothly. If you have doubts, let me assure you that it not only one of the top-rated best featherboard for table saw but also Amazon’s choice. 

I recommend it for beginners who are not familiar with multiple knobs and are afraid of the uncertain kickbacks. 


  • Ideal for beginner and professional
  • You can work with only one hand
  • It comes with a removable miter clamp 


  • The screws may need to be aligned properly 

6. Kreg True-Flex Featherboard

  • It comes in a pack of two
  • Easy to connect with the mitre slot 
  • Excellent pressure combined with the fingers

Are you looking for a feather board that would be great for low-profile tasks? Also, you want to stay within your budget? If yes, but this board in your cart right now. 

It comes with high quality and the most durable plastic, which goes a long way. Not just that these feather boards for table saw comes

with excellent finishing. Therefore, neither the cut nor the board will ham your hands. 

The reason it is a budget-friendly option is the fact that it comes in a pack of two. Although some find it a little expensive, if you are looking for a twin pack, this is it. 

Besides that, the robust design makes it go a long way. In addition to that, the fingers apply sturdy pressure and all together puts the vital force. 


  • Parallel sidetracks
  • Offers aligned smooth cuts
  • Amazon’s choice guarantees quality


  • Seems a little challenging at first

7. Magswitch Feather Board

  • It comes with a reversible featherboard
  • Easy to mount on the base
  • Durable on and off switch 

Do you have high-profile feather board plans? If so and you are ready to invest, this is the top-rated feather board. Nonetheless, the Magswitch has been in the market for long and known for its exceptional quality. Therefore, with the featherboard, you are guaranteed not only high finishing cuts but also extra protection. 

Moreover, if you want to tilt either right or left, you can use the grip and make it work as you like. In addition to that, it is portable and can go with fences, band saws, and tables. 

More importantly, it works with steel and cast iron.


  • It offers the flexibility of working
  • An ideal choice for newbie
  • Exceptional magnets


  • Not suitable for thinner tables

8. JessEm 4015 Feather Board

  • You are allowed to mount vertically
  • Stackable suitable for taller stocks
  • Round edged moulded feathers

Although plastic featherboards do not go a long way, this one has one of the highest positive reviews. Using the high impact moulded plastic will stay with you for a long time even if you use it regularly. 

Moreover, if beginners wonder how to use a featherboard, then sit back and relax. With this distinctive board, you are allowed to use it horizontally or vertically. 

This feather board comes with rounded edges that will not harm the work and give out a splendid cut. 

I admire this router table featherboard because it allows me to adjust the T-slots and miter track as you like or the work’s demand. You can, more importantly, use this with multiple tools such as table saws, band saws, router tables, and shapers. Also, it is not to miss you have a DeWalt saw.

However, I would like to warn you about that knobs which are slightly more demanding than others. Nonetheless, you can make it work as long as you are determined because the other features will not miss. 


  • You can move the board without disturbing the locking bar
  • Extremely stable and absorbs kickbacks
  • Works with multiple tools


  • The knobs may seem relatively harder

9. Bench Dog 40-011 Double Featherboard

  • A pack of two
  • Works on bending the blade
  • It uses a high-tech polymer

This featherboard table saw uses its ultimate 13 angles fingers when it comes to cutting. Not that it only cuts with excellent finishing, but it also puts an adequate pressure. 

Because of the pressure, there is significantly less effort required on your end. In addition to that, it is made up of high-tech polymer which ensures longevity. 

Besides that, it allows multiple functions with precision such as the binding, lifting, and bent blades. 

Nevertheless, the price is relatively high, and it will not be wrong to say that it is one of the most expensive best featherboard for table saw in the market. Mind that you would need a benchdog adapter for the router and other saws. 

However, Amazon’s reviews state that it allows maximum flexibility, and you can work through well with higher accuracy and consistency. I recommend this featherboard for those who have the budget and plan to work with multiple kinds of wood. 


  • Comes with 13 angled fingers
  • Doesn’t require excessive adjustments
  • Allows flexibility and gives better results


  • A little expensive

10. Bosch Feather Boards

  • Goes along with multiple woodworks
  • It comes as two products
  • Accurate performance

The most exciting feature of this featherboard is that it goes with various woodworking. Undoubtedly the price is higher but remembers that you wouldn’t require new feather boards for table saws to accommodate multiple needs. 

In addition to that, it is made of plastic which goes a long way. Besides that, it is very lightweight and will not strain the work. 

Nevertheless, do not doubt its pressure abilities as it keeps the workstation content in its dimensions. Also, it is incredibly stable, which means that you do not have to tighten it again and again. 

However, remember that it doesn’t come with hardware and you have to purchase the nuts and knobs separately. Besides that, it is exceptionally robust.


  • It offers satisfactory results
  • Potent design 
  • Allows a sturdy pressure and consistent working


  • It doesn’t come with hardware

11. BI-DTOOL Featherboards

  • Plenty of options for adjustments
  • It comes with a wedge-lock hardware
  • The ultimate high-tech polymer feather board

Nonetheless, as the requirement of the featherboard is crucial, the selection of the right one is also critical. However, these articles hold the best one so far, but if you still hadn’t made your mind check this featherbaord because its angles fingers are worth all the money. 

You can easily place this feather board, and the fingers will apply the requisite pressure. Not just that, these are adequately angled to avoid any damage to the material. Nonetheless, it also helps in achieving the desired cut. 

On the other hand, it is a high-tech polymer that will go with you for years, even if you use it regularly when it comes to the material. In addition to that, the applaudable wedge-lock hardware secures objects properly. 

I find this the best featherboard for a table saw because it comes with a pre-load tension. It is one of the reasons that it doesn’t leave the object loose.


  • It comes with a full guide
  • Exceptional package at reasonable price
  • Plenty of height stacking options


  • The miter track is harder to place in 

Significance of using a FeatherBoard

Over time, we handyman have shited from the traditional way of putting pressure to a more sophisticated way; the use of featherboard.

However, change is hard, especially when it involves money. Let me give you four reasons to switch to a featherboard immediately.

Minimizes kickbacks and Binding

I will not lie, but I have had my share of bad experiences with woodworking before featherboard. Therefore, when it comes to reducing the kickbacks, there is no better option than using it.

Because a featherboard helps to hold the object in the right place with the right amount of pressure, there will be no kickbacks and a smooth cut.

Although a professional may be able to save his hand for a beginner, it is a risk.

Hence, purchase a featherboard and do work more efficiently.

Enhanced Safety

Before featherboard, you must have exerted pressure using your hand, but a wrong turn must have resulted in binding or kickback.

If you search the internet, you will find plenty of carpenters telling how they lost their fingers while working with table saws.

Reduced Bending Blades

Have you used saws before? If so, there might have been a time when you had to replace the blade; if not, understand that blades sometimes cause fortunes.

Using a featherboard reduces kickbacks and, in return, safe the blade from bending and ultimately saves you some bucks.

Finest Cuts

As discussed earlier, not using a featherboard results in kickbacks, bending of blades, and wrong cuts, but using one can give you the smoothest cuts you had only seen on youtube videos.

How to Use a Featherboard on a Table Saw

Do not worry if you are a beginner, because the following guide will help you use it effortlessly. On the other hand, if you are a professional, see if the below tricks help you have more smooth cuts.

Step 1

If you have a standard featherboard, start by inserting it into the miter slot of your table. However, if you have a magnetic featherboard, do not worry. Place it on your table; the magnets will do the trick.

Step 2

Bring your workpiece and place it against the table saw blade.

Step 3

Be patient and start tightening the featherboard to ensure that there is no chance of slipping out. Remember, it is a crucial step, so keep trying until you get the desired fitting and adjustment.

Step 4

Align the featherboard with the workpiece.

Step 5

Start the work with a push block, and you are good to go.

If you want to explore about Bit Sets then do not worry, you can have a look here at the complete collection.

Buying Guide

Nonetheless, the above featherboard will go with your table saw; however, if you are looking for some specifics to consider before purchase, read below and make a check-list.

featherboard plans

The Grip

The purpose of using a feather board is to have the finest and safest cuts; however, with a loose grip, you will not get either.

Therefore, your feather board must have a strong grip, which will enable the tool to stay in place regardless of the movement of the table saw.

Nonetheless, a strong griped featherboard will absorb the kickbacks, and you will have the desired cuts.

The Material

Although the featherboards are introduced as a tool to help you easy and smooth cuts nonetheless, it is a great purchase for both professionals and DIYers.

However, if you own a featherboard but of low quality, you will not have the expected cuts. Therefore, before the purchase, you need to make sure of which material your featherboard made. Previously, featherboards came in woods, but in this modern era, the common ones are of premium plastic and foam.

All these three materials are acceptable, and you can easily find these in the above list.

The Weight

You can have both the heavy feather board and the lightweight feather board, but!

You can only choose one according to your experience. For instance, I would recommend a heaver feather board for new woodworkings because it will provide you with adequate pressure.

Yet, the professionals prefer lightweight feather boards.

The Knobs

kreg featherboard

Usually, the feather boards come with two knobs that are easy to use and make the working effortless. However, the market is rapidly updating, and so are the designs. Therefore, some featherboards come with a single knob.

When it comes to your working strength, a single knob featherboard generates productive results. Not just the beginners but many professionals also go for a sing knob featherboard. The reviews suggest that it’s less time taking and more effective in woodworking. 

The Price

The featherboard industry is ready to offer you the tool in multiple ranges price bracket. However, you have to decide whether you want to go for a heavy budget featherboard or a cheaper one.

Do not shy, because the budget is the main factor. TO give you an overview, know that you can have the tool from twenty to fifty dollars. Nonetheless, if you are a professional who has multiple projects going on, it is better to have one that would go a long way.

Whereas, if you are purchasing it only for a few tasks, you may go with a cheaper one and get the work done.

The Compatibility

Nevertheless, the featherboards mostly go with router table saws and various other generic ones. But it is better that you know beforehand about your saw to make both tools work together.

Otherwise, you might end with a featherboard that is either too big or too small to work.

The Pressure

There is no use to have a featherboard if it doesn’t put the requisite pressure.

Disadvantages of having a featherboard with no pressure:

  • Waste of money
  • Bad cuts
  • Unsafe

Your feather board must put sufficient pressure to hold the object invariably. Otherwise, know that the results will not be in your favor.

The installation

Yes, we did talk about the compatibility but mind that your featherboard needs to be easy to install. I understand the professionals will find a way to make it work, but beginners will have a hard time getting it started. 

However, for professionals, why waste time when you can use the magnetic featherboards and work more effectively. 

Note: A magnetic featherboard will not go with the aluminum saw. Miss everything but compatibility a big No!


Only if your featherboard is made of high-quality material, you will have a durable one. It will go for years.

Even on the list, you can find a featherboard that can bear everyday usage and still go a long way.

The Size

You can easily choose it depending on your ease of working. TO some people, a heavy sized featherboard looks good.

Whereas I prefer a smaller featherboard with tremendous pressure to work because, with a larger feather board, I feel it takes too much room.

Miter or T-Slot position

best featherboard for table saw

Remember, the standard measurement is not the same for every manufacturer. Therefore, to avoid any loss, it is better to do a complete analysis before the purchase.

When it comes to a magnetic feather board, you do not have to worry about it. But with others, you need to ensure that the slots go well with your saw.

The Hardware

Mostly the featherboards require hardware; therefore, while purchasing, see if it comes with it or not. Because if it doesn’t, you have to make an extra purchase that might not go with your budget, and you only end up with a tool that doesn’t work.

The choice to use it with other tools

Although it is mainly used with table saws when you are spending around fifty dollars, it is better to use it with other tools; band saws.

The Stocks; Thin or Thick

Now, this depends upon your tasks. For instance, with thick slots, you need to use a featherboard with thick feathers. Besides that, you can use a featherboard that allows you add-ons.

In this way, you can work with thin stocks, and using a thick feather; you can work with thick stocks simultaneously.

The Reversible or Non-reversible Feather board

Although it is a matter of preference, a reversible featherboard gives you more liberty to use and work.

In addition to that, the famous brands make reversible featherboards, and especially if you are left-handed reversible featherboard is your tool.


There are plenty of options to choose from, and the top ones are mentioned in this article. You can check for yourself which will go with your saws.

Please do not run away from it, as it will keep you safe and make your work productive.

Also, I would suggest you go with one that has hardware. But at the end of the day, you have to analyze your needs and specifications for your featherboard.


Can I make a featherboard myself?

Sure, you can make one yourself. However, there are plenty of things to keep in mind, such as sturdiness, stability, and miter slots.
Therefore, many prefer to buy one matching their needs

What is a Featherboard?

A featherboard is tools use to put pressure on the workpiece, making it fit and stable during cutting. A featherboard is used with table saws, band saws, and more.

Does a Featherboad go with a jigsaw?

No, the way featherbaord works is by placing the blade parallel. However, you can use resaw or rolling guides with jigsaws.

Can I replace the miter slot with T-slot?

No, custom designing is not recommended because it will damage the whole design. Remember, it may cause severe damage.

How did it get the name Featherboard?

The rows of slots used in featherboards look like fingers and move in a single direction. Because of this, it got its name.

Does featherboard help with dado cuts?

Yes, a featherboard makes the dadoes and rabbets perfectly smooth and fine.