9 Best Forstner Bit Sets To Choose From【Updated 2021】

best forstner bit set

Are there instances when needed to drill a hole, but not having a bit set made you spend bucks on hiring the expertise? Well, if you have the best Forstner bit set, you are saving money as well as time. It is right time to give your woodworking a new style.

If you are a professional or an enthusiast DIYer, I have picked 9 top quality bit sets for you. These are not just randomly picked, but I have had personal experience. Keep reading and explore the best one for yourself.

9 Best Forstner Bit Set Reviews 2021:

Forstner Bit SetRatings
PORTER-CABLE Forstner Bit Set10/10 [Editor's Choice]
Grizzly Forstner Bits8.5/10
Freud Forstner Drill Bit Set9/10
Baban Forstner Bit Set9.5/10
DerBlue Bit Set9/10
Fisch Wave Cutter Forstner Bit8.5/10
Meichoon Metric Forstner bits7/10
IRWIN Marples Forstner Bit Set7.5/10
Steelex Forstner Bit8/10

Here we go with the detailed reviews of the top-rated Forstner Bit Sets:

1:Porter-Cable Forstner Bit Set

Why we love it:

forstner bit set review

  • 14 piece set
  • High-quality metal
  • Includes most usable sizes

✅ Higher durability ❌ The inside labels of bit size can be confusing
✅ Works terrific on flat holes angel cutting
✅ Easier to carry

2: Grizzly Forstner Bits

forstner bit reviews

Why we love it:

  • 31 pieces bit sets
  • Serrated bits high sharpness
  • Perfect for DIYers

✅ Knife-edge bits supports sharpness❌ If not treated right, the holes may come out rough
✅ Well organized wooden box
✅ Higher durability

3: Freud Forstner Drill Bit Set

forstner bits review

Why we love it:

  • Least tear-out
  • High sharpness for more prolonged periods
  • Extraordinary maintenance edges

✅ Smoothest cutting one want❌ Necessitates extra attention because of the extreme sharpness
✅ Works great for flat bottom holes, pocket holes, and overlapping holes
✅ Faster rotational speed

4: Baban Forstner Bit Set

best forstner drill bit set

Why we love it:

  • 16 pieces set
  • Smooth cuts with no broken edges
  • Heat resistant

✅ Offers higher performance with greater speed❌ The diameter is not marked
✅ Perfect for flat bottom holes
✅ Durable storage case

5: DerBlue Bit Set

irwin forstner bit set

Why we love it:

  • A perfect set for drill press
  • Effective removing of wood chips
  • Exceptional stainless steel material

✅ Shock resistant❌ Do not support hand drill for heavy materials
✅ Excellent results on wood, plastic, and plywood
✅ Efficient drilling and effective removing of wooden chips

6: Fisch Wave Cutter Forstner Bit

forstner set

Why we love it:

  • High rotation speed
  • 30 times resharpening possibility
  • Easy wood chip removal

✅ Better performance with higher durability❌ The box is not very much reliable
✅ Splinter-free work
✅ 25% speed increment

7:Meichoon Metric Forstner bits

forstner bit kit

Why we love it:

  • Offers the thickest shark supporting torque
  • Robust edges
  • Smooth edges

✅ Shock resistant and sturdy❌ Not suitable for professional projects
✅ The optimized speed with no tremor
✅ Comes in individual cases

8:IRWIN Marples Forstner Bit Set

Why we love it:

  • Best priced bit set
  • High speed
  • Amazing sharpness with smoot no break edges

✅ Stainless steel highly durable material used❌ Requires attention in rotational cuts
✅ Produces minimal trash
✅ Reduces shank fits

9:Steelex Forstner Bit

metric forstner

Why we love it:

  • 16 pieces set
  • Saw-toothed hex-shank bits
  • High carbon steel material

✅ High-quality wooden box❌ Not suitable for extensive jobs
✅ Serrated bits
✅ No slippage with shank design

We have covered many brands here, however if you want to explore other brands products with genuine comparison click right here; Kobalt vs. craftsman and Ryobi vs. Ridgid.

Buying Guide

The Forstner bit set listed above is one of the top picks. Each one of that is measured on a specific standard, that I will share below.

However, for now, you must be planning to get a single one. And it will not be wrong if I say the first impression is the last. We sure do not want to mess up DIY projects.

Go through the qualities mentioned below, before making the final purchase.

Pricing Policy

Undoubtedly, the price of the product plays a significant role. Always analyze the price with the number of pieces the bit set has—the greater the price range, the higher the rates. Do a quick analysis of your needs and budget; it will be easier to choose.


Another mandatory aspect over here is the quality of the product. Since the bit set has some challenging duties to perform, we must not compromise on it.

  • First, check which material has been used in the bits
  • Secondly, see if the bits are heat resistant or not
  • Third, compare the above with the cost.

The best Forstner bits mentioned above are selected after a thorough analysis of the reviews, prices, and quality.

Measurement standards

There are two primary units of measurement, imperial and metric Forstner drill bits. These two are differentiated based on an inch-size and centimetre or millimetre size. You can choose the one you are comfortable with. In addition to that, you can get the one according to the standard of the region you are living in. It will help you later if a replacement is needed.

Pieces in a Bit Set

The number of bits in a set places a vital role in making its price. If you have one particular job to do, then buying a set is nothing but a waste of money. You can effortlessly get that size’s bot and perform the task.

However, if you are a professional or DIYer, then it is better to have a bit set. The number of bits you require depends on you and your dedication.

Round Shank or Hex Shank

While choosing the bit set, you must look for the design. Does it come with a round shank or hex shank? If you have a drill be it drill press or hand drill go for the round shank. However, if you are comfortable using impact drivers choose hex shank.

Impact driver vs. Impact wrench is sure going to help you in this. 

Storage options

Most of the bits come with storage boxes. Some come in wooden and some in steel. Other than that some bits are places in a portable bag. You can see what goes best with your place management ideas.

However, I prefer boxes that come with labels. In this way, we do not miss the bits and use them with higher accuracy.

Now that you have chosen your bit’s set, it is time to learn how to fix a stripped screw hole in the metal, you can click right now right here


All of the products listed above have passed the test of positive customer reviews. Besides, that, the disadvantage of a particular item is also driven by the comments shared by true users.

For my personal choice, I opt for a bot set that offers a wide range of sizes as I prefer to experiment with things myself. However, for you, I would highly suggest a set with either metal or steel material that promises to last longer. Also, check for the sizes before making the purchase.


When were Forstner bits made?

Forstner bits have roots back in the 18th century, made by Benjamin Forstner.

Can I use Forstner bit on metal?

Primarily Forstner bit are made to work on wood. However, high-quality Forstner bits work fine on soft metal.

What to use with Forstner bit, hand drill, or impact driver?

It depends on its shank feature. Usually, hex-shank bits are used with impact drivers. However, to get a smooth finishing result, most of the users prefer hand drills.

What is the biggest size of the bit?

Forstner bits come with increments. The size range is wide enough to help you perform the job. However, the smallest size of the bit is 1/4 inch.

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