The Ultimate Best Sander For Deck in 2021【Reviews】

best sander for deck

What, sanding, not again!!! I understand the cringe, as it is a time-consuming process, but don’t you love it when the deck gets renewed. Well, you wouldn’t know unless you have had a chance to work with any of the best sanders for the deck below.

I prefer these because they have made the work less stressful and more result oriented. You can check these yourself, and to give the right products, we assure you that these power sanders have high reviews.

Best Sander for Deck

Check out the top sanders for the deck, and see the distinctive features to purchase the right one for yourself.

Product Product Name Rating
 Bosch Electric Orbital Sander (10/10)
 DEWALT Random Orbit Sander (9.5/10)
 TACKLIFE Belt Sander (9.5/10)
Makita BO5041 Random Orbit Sander  (9/10)
 Makita Belt Sander (9/10)
 BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander (9/10)
DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander  (8.5/10)
Clarke Floor Sander Edger (8/10)
 WEN Drywall Sander (7.5/10)
 Enertwist Mouse Detail Sander (7/10)

Bosch Electric Orbital Sander

  • It works at 110 voltage
  • It allows two sanding modes
  • Variable speed to work with
Bosch Electric Orbital Sander

When it comes to deck sander, we have to be consistent yet sturdy to achieve well-made finishing. Nonetheless, Bosch has been at the top because it has this sander, robust, and works thoroughly. 

In addition to that, it allows 6.5 amp variable speed; hence you can work at your pace. More importantly, the disc size is 6 inches, which is standard and much easier to work with. 

I declare it to be the best sander for a deck because it provides me with both the random orbit and turbo mode. Therefore, I work according to the need of the task and my comfortability. 

Besides that, I recommend it to those left-handed because its handle works great with it. Not just that it has the dust collector, although it is recommended to South Carolina’s Democratic presidential primary is on ‘steroids’ a year before voting were to buy anabolic steroids pharma website design company in delhi, pharma website design, pharma website designing in india, pharma website design company in delhi, india have goggles on with the dust collector, there will be less mess. 

The other applaudable feature is the finishing. 


  • Suitable for both right and left-handed people
  • A complete package
  • Makes excellent finishing 


  • A little heavier to carry 

DEWALT Random Orbit Sander

  • It comes with Coarse grit type
  • It uses Corded Electric for power supply
  • Works with 3 Amps 
DEWALT Random Orbit Sander

Dewalt is leading the market with its exceptional tools, especially when it comes to deck sanders. This tool right here is a treat for those who love to work but are not fans of the mess that comes with it. 

Because of the ultimate dust collection bar, you can work with clarity and be allowed to relax after the hard work. More importantly, it comes with vacuum compatibility, making the life of a handyman easier. 

What I love the most about this deck sanding machine is it has an excellent grip. Note that while working, you may lose the grip, and the whole project may fail. Above all, it may cause injuries. 

Furthermore, it has a dust-seal, which makes it durable, and it stays with you for years. It uses hook-and-loop sandpaper. Do not worry. These are easy to find. 

If you are a beginner, this will suit you the best as with the hook and loop; you can change whenever you want. Although to some, these seem less secure, it all depends on your ease. 


  • Vibration-resistant
  • Secure grip
  • Locks using one hand


  • The power cord is not long

TACKLIFE Belt Sander

  • Medium grit type
  • It works at 120 volts
  • Uses Corded Electric for power supply
TACKLIFE Belt Sander

To begin with, it comes with a varial speed that allows six-speed options to choose from, do not take it lightly because it is one of the most crucial features. It also helps in doing neat and proper work. 

You may think the price is a little high, but it is because of the 13 pieces of sanding belts it comes with and all of the high-quality. Consequently, it also has a well-managed dust collecting mechanism because of which all the things stay put and clean. 

Besides that, you need not worry about belt slipping because you can adjust the screw at the bottom and make it work as per requirement.

I have listed this belt sander deck here for the fact that you can convert it into a bench sander. Also, there is an adapter you can use to connect it with your vacuum. 


  • The belts come in two grits as 7 x 80 grits, 6 x 120 grits
  • You get two adapters for the vacuum
  • It comes with a thorough guide


  • The dust catcher gets loose sometimes

Makita BO5041 Random Orbit Sander

  • Makita is a World-Renowned brand
  • It is Amazon’s choice
  • It works with 110 volts and three amps
Makita BO5041 Random Orbit Sander

Although deck sanding tools are hard to find, especially with high-performance specifics. However, this sander for the deck is ready to blow your mind and add beauty to your DIY projects. 

Moreover, it allows the user to choose the speed accordingly. If you are a beginner, you need to get started with less rate, but professional high speed will do the trick. 

You can also treat the front handle as you like as it has an exceptional adjusting feature. Also, it has a lock button, so it stays secure, and you do not have to experience any injuries. Alongside that, you get the best dust collector.

Nevertheless, some decks with a belt sander have loose dust collectors, but that is not the case with this one. 

I love this orbital sander for deck for the most apparent reason, vibration absorbent. Therefore, it allows me to work with many conveniences. When we talk about comfort, let us not forget that this sander can only use a simple hand. 


  • Rubber grip for adequate hold
  • It comes with a built-in adapter
  • Ultimate double insulated


  • Sometimes it may throw discs 

Makita Belt Sander

  • It is amazon’s choice
  • Medium grit type
  • Only 84 decibels, one of the quietest
Makita Belt Sander

It comes with a four-inch belt in width that works great and makes appropriate finishing. Although it is one of a high priced belt sander deck, it is worth every penny, especially for professionals; as the speed is 1,640 feet per minute.

Note that the speed is exceptionally high, that is why you need to be focused when working. In addition to that, it has the perfect grip that is large and allows you to hold precisely. Not just that, it is smooth on the hands. 

It operates at 240 volts, and the noise is just 84 decibels. I prefer this sander because of its quietness; it helps me stay focused. There is also a handy dust bag. 

Before the purchase you should know that it weighs 13 pounds. But it is easily manageable, and you can work with it effortlessly. It also has a vacuum connector, which makes it very convenient for the user. Besides that, you may not like the design, but that is not what matters when the work is extraordinary. 


  • It comes with a swivel bag
  • Large front grip
  • It uses Labyrinth construction


  • A little high in weight and price

BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander

  • Works fine with 120 volts
  • Corded Electric power source
  • Exceptional working with random orbital action
BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander

Were you looking for a sand deck with an orbital sander? If so, this is it. Not just that it is an orbital sander but that too from a renowned brand. Besides that, it is Amazon’s choice that guarantees quality and high standards. 

It comes with hook and loop sandpaper, and if you have DIY projects, it is most suitable for you. Also, it uses a durable dust bag that is capable of staying intact for long. Nonetheless, making it more manageable for you. 

Nevertheless, it is sixth on the list, but it will not be wrong to stay that it tops in design. For a quality orbital sander deck, it needs to be compact. Otherwise, there will be mismanagement.

It also uses the dust-sealed switch. However, you should note that the dust bag is not very large. Therefore, you might have to clean it in between projects. But on the positive side, it cleans immediately. 

I admire this brand because it is people’s choice, and that is what I know because of the high ratings and reviews it has got in a short span. 


  • Low price and high quality
  • Easy to change the sandpaper 
  • It comes with 6 feet and 5-inch long cord


  • It has a small dustbag

DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Made from composite material
  • Variable speed that works with your needs
DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander

Dewalt is already on the list, but for the fact that, it is the ideal sander for deck refinishing. Besides that, it works on variable speed and allows you to perform as per your capability. 

In addition to that, the crucial point is the grip. Therefore, this comes with a textured grip that allows proper hold. It will enable you to keep the storage for extended times of work. 

Moreover, it comes with a dust bag that has an ideal locking system. Unlike the low-quality dust bag, it stays put during and after work. Hence, you can open it to clean, and after that, you can lock it back. 

Besides that, if you are not satisfied with the dust bag, you can purchase another one and make it work. 

Alongside that, it is a 20V MAX, which allows you to work using the batteries. You can purchase the batteries and get work done using this beast. 

The feature that I love the most is its high portability and brushless motor. 


  • Convenient to work with as it is closer to the work surface
  • High quality and textured grip
  • Closer to the work surface 


  • Batteries are not included

Clarke Floor Sander Edger

  • 13 x 13 x 12.5 inches moderate dimensions
  • It uses an AC power source
  • Excellent finishing aluminum polished
Clarke Floor Sander Edger

Gladly there is a floor sanders for decks that you can use to perform the task. What is great about this wood deck sander is that it comes with extensive cord. 

Since, here we are dealing with the floor, we can not have sockets everywhere. Especially houses with children, should use this sander, and get the work doen with 50 feet chord. 

Besides that it comes as a fully polished tool and that too of aluminum. Although, many sanders have finishing but this one is unique because it gives out shine. 

The reason why I call it the best sander for deck is because of the rotating dust pipe that allows me to work through any area. Unquestionablly the price will seem a little higher but for a floor sander this is the best one in moderate price range. 

Moreover, it has high ratings, which states that it is neither a waste of time nor money. 

Also, it comes in a case so you are allowed to pack it in a garage and take it out as per the needs. 


  • It comes in a durable case
  • A toogle style easy to use switch
  • Suitable for multiple floors such as hardwood, LVP, and more


  • Takes up some space

WEN Drywall Sander

  • Extra Fine grit type
  • It works at five amperage capacity
  • It is Amazon’s choice
WEN Drywall Sander

It is the 9th product. Are we still looking for variable speed? Yes, because not all sanders have it, those who have are not to miss it for obvious reasons. 

It allows 600 to 1500 RPM that is adjustable as you want or as per the work requirement. In addition to that, it comes with a hook and loop. However, it is an updated version, where changing the sandpaper is the quickest and most comfortable. 

Besides that, the torque is exceptional using the 5 AMP. And it makes an excellent finishing with it. What I love the most is that it comes with automatic dust removal. Also, a person as lazy as me loves the 15-feet dust hose. 

The reviews have got one title of the best sander for deck refinishing because of its head’s ability to turn in any direction. I recommend it for those who are working with drywall.


  • It is a foldable design that saves space
  • The sander works in all directions
  • With the maximum torque, you work efficiently. 


  • There is some difficulty to cover the corners

Enertwist Mouse Detail Sander

  • The standard Medium grit type
  • Works with 120 volts
  • One of the quietest sander to work with
Enertwist Mouse Detail Sander

Are you an introvert? Well, even if you are not, the excessive noise is always troubling. Therefore, these power sanders for decks are difficult to work with, but!

I have come with this quietest sander as it is 0.8 AMP and yet gives out quality work. Besides that, if you live in a studio or a home with no store, this sander has an excellent and compact design that saves up the room. 

In addition to that, its weight very low as 0.78 kg. Why is this important anyway? If I have to send my kid to pick up the sander, it is easier for them to hold, and it builds confidence in them.

Moreover, some sanders go to tight places, but this one comes with a finger sander that will go to all the right places, and you get the work done with extreme convenience. 


  • Low price with more features that cover even tight corners
  • It comes with hole sandpaper that is easy to find
  • A complete package


  • You might face heating motor as a result of excessive work

Types of Sander

First question, do you require a sander? If the answer is yes, then do you know which one? Because the best deck sander comes in various types and notes that everyone has specific features relevant to particular tasks. 

I will not lie, as most of the sanders are above 20 or 30 dollars, and it is not what we would like to waste. 

Task: Think about the sander you need for your project. Then, read below and let us know if you require the same sander after its proper knowledge. 

how to use a belt sander on a deck

Belt Sander

It is one of the old and common types of a sander. A belt sander for a deck is used not only for large tasks but also as an ideal choice for smaller tasks. 

Besides, handyman like me loves these because they allow us to reach the small areas with convenience. Whereas a beginner may not like these very much, many do not come in a compact shape. 

Orbital Sander

Take a hint from the name, Orbital! Well, if you guess something related to circular, then whoo, you are almost there. 

The orbital floor sander for the deck moves in a circular motion and gives an ideal finishing. However, these are sometimes replaced with drum sanders, but that is not the case with home projects. 

Random Orbital Sanders

These are my other favorite as it not only moves in a particular circular motion but vibrates. Because of its unique feature, it gives excellent finishing. 

I prefer it for professional tasks, as I don’t want to leave any marking whatsoever. 

Palm sander

If you are looking for the best tool to sand a deck, I will not recommend a palm sander. Although its work is smooth and less costly, it doesn’t do much of a task.

It is better to have an orbital sander instead of a palm sander.

Detail Sander

It is an ideal sander for a DIYer, as its triangle shape can go in corners and work thoroughly.
You can also explore the top forstner bits here.

When does a deck don’t need sanding?

As a matter of fact, sanding can’t be done without a sander, and that requires a purchase. However, it is not that your deck is damaged every time, and by sanding, there will be some trick.

Even if you sand a deck, the damages need to be repaired anyway. Therefore, always cross-check before purchasing because you do not need to sand it always.

  • Clean the deck thoroughly to see what it is
  • Find if the deck needs repair and do the damage-repair
  • See if the deck isn’t loose

If there are marks and you think that the deck needs more than cleaning than sanding, it is your way to go.

Buying Guide

We all know by now that what a sander is, its types, best sanders. But, there are 10 of them, and you might want to purchase only one, how are you going to decide?

Instead of Enni Minnie Minni Mo, let’s discuss the crucial factors below and pick the best one after that.


First of all, you need to set a budget for your sander. Do not forget; you can have a cheap and expensive sander as you like.

But the sad part would be if you like a sander and later you find out you do not have the budget for this. Well, a tool enthusiast like me will always spend money on it. Rest you know.

Dust bag or connection for vacuum

Remember, sanding will create a lot of dust. Besides, it is not suitable for the eye and face; it is neither good for the surrounding because you will have to clean it later.

Therefore, it is best to have a sander with a dust collection bag or let you connect to the vacuum. In both of these ways, you can enjoy sanding without worrying about the dust.

Variable speed

It comes in handy when you have to sand across tight areas, and this is when you realize that a speed adjustment would be of great help.

Nonetheless, even if you are a pro, these speed settings will help you to go slowly while getting smooth finishing.

Sander, who does more than sanding

Yes, there are sanders which are suitable if you want to do the finishing. Therefore, if you are a professional, you might want to save some money and get a two-in-one sander.


Although sanders are not known for causing too much noise trouble, some cheap ones do. Therefore, it is best to check the decibel and then make a purchase.

Besides that, if you find that costly, you can always use ear protection. Note that ear protections are a must because working without these can cause serious hearing problems.

Powering options

Most of the sander comes with a corded power connection. However, it depends on the user and the need for the project.

For instance, if you are working on a deck where there is no socket, what will you do with the cords? Hence, a battery sander comes in handy in such instances.

I prefer a corded one because I do not have to worry about the battery life. But it is your choice, which one do you want.

However, mind that there are not as many options in the battery sander as corded ones.

Featherboard is also an exciting feature for a DIYer, check the best ones for your table saw right here.


Sanding can be challenging, especially for beginners, as the expectation is high. Besides that, you might take way too much longer to finish the project. It all could be possible for two reasons, one your expertise and two the sander.

We believe in you, and we know you will eventually make a good sanding deck. However, I request you to consider the above mentioned best sander for a deck because these are less time consuming and goes with every leveler user.

Nonetheless, it is your choice, and you can get the work done with any sander.


Do I need to prepare the deck before sanding?

Yes, before sanding, you must wash the deck thoroughly. However, you have to let it completely dry before sanding. Also, use crack-stix for your driveways, if you need.

When should I stain my deck?

It varies according to the condition of the deck. Suppose if your deck is open to sun and humidity, you might stain it every three years. However, if it isn’t, you might not need to stain it for five years.
Hence, it depends on the condition.

What should I choose between paint and stain?

It depends on your liking and expectation. As paint offers more color, you might go for it. Besides that, paint is more suitable if you do not want to re-do the deck for ten years.

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