10 Best Screwdriver Bit Set in 2021

best screwdriver bit set

Screwdriver bits are necessary for every handyman job. Whether you are a professional, semi-professional, or a homeowner, you will always need screw driving bits to complete a job.

10 Best Screwdriver Bit Set 2021

This article is about helping all of you select the best screwdriver bit set out of 10 products mentioned below. However, all of these are selected based on quality but decided the one that suits you best.

Screwdriver Bit SetsRatings
DeWalt Impact Ready FlexTork (35-pcs Set)10/10 [Editor's Choice]
Long Rocaris 10 pcs Screwdriver Bits Set8.5/10
Neiko Magnetic Hex Nut driver (12-pcs Set)9/10
MulWark Allen Bit Set (20-pcs)9.5/10
Black + Decker (42-pcs)9/10
Irwin tools impact performance series (20-pcs)8.5/10
Bosch drilling and driving bit set (91-pcs)7/10
Dewalt (80- pcs) Pro sSt7.5/10
ORIA Screwdriver Kit8/10
Amazon Basics Screwdriver Bit's Set 7.5/10

1: DeWalt Impact Ready FlexTork (35-pcs Set)

Why we love it:

drill, driver & screwdriver accessories

  • Wide range of tools
  • Smart Design
  • Shock absorption

✅ Durability❌ Slightly heavy
✅ Flexible Usage
✅ Brushless motor Extends runtime

2: Long Rocaris 10 pcs Screwdriver Bits Set

Why we love it:

drill driver bit set

  • Great wear-resistant
  • High precision
  • Damage-free

✅ Affordable price❌ Packaging is basic
✅ The long length of bits
✅ Works in every situation

3: Neiko Magnetic Hex Nut driver (12 pcs set)

Why we love it:

phillips head drill bit

  • Simple design
  • Torque application
  • Best for quick repairs

✅ Less costly❌ 19mm sized bits not included in the set
✅ Designed for narrow spaces
✅ Compact size screwdriver bits

4: MulWark Allen Bit Set (20pcs)

Why we love it:

best driver bit set

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Usage Versatility
  • Professional choice

✅ Well equipped❌ Carrying case does not come along
✅ High Quality
✅ Magnetic tips

5: Black + Decker (42-pcs)

Why we love it:

best driver bits

  • Ideal sizes
  • Variety of bits
  • Works for every project

✅ Drive guide❌ Doesn’t include long bits
✅ Budget-friendly
✅ Comes with a storage case

6: Irwin tools impact performance series (20pcs)

Why we love it:

best impact driver bits

  • Easy to carry and use 
  • Customizable set
  • Black oxide finishing

✅ High Durability❌ The set doesn’t include a hex
✅ Exceptional Quality
✅ Includes high length bits

7: Bosch drilling and driving bit set (91 pcs)

Why we love it:

screw bit set

  • Versatile
  • Superior quality
  • Convenience

✅ Affordable prices❌ Bits are mighty in looks
✅ Shock absorber
✅ There is a secure storage case for the bits

8: Dewalt (80- pcs) pro set

Why we love it:

dewalt impact bit sets

  • Variety of industrial bits
  • Reduces Wobbles and breakage
  • Minimizes drops

✅ Comparatively high durability❌ Sometimes it is not correctly labeled
✅ Long-lasting
✅ Extra protection for hands

9: ORIA Screwdriver kit with flexible shaft

Why we love it:

impact driver drill bit set

  • Multi magnetic hand tools
  • Variety of special bits
  • High quality

✅ Admirable portability❌ Magnetic ability is not very strong
✅ Easy to carry
✅ Flexible shaft

10: Amazon Basics screwdriver bit’s set

Why we love it:

bit sets

  • More Durability
  • One-year warranty
  • Corrosion-resistant

✅ Mini pliers included❌ Strip out bits
✅ Molded carrying case
✅ A vast range of bits

Buying Guide

“Methods and Criteria are to choose the best impact driver bit set 2021.”

Following are some essential criteria to select the best screwdriver bit set.

Quality of the product:

Quality is the most important criterion while selecting a bit set; we cannot compromise on low quality. Now the question arises how to check the quality of the product, it’s straightforward, check its material and brand name reputation in the market. Check the brand reviews to assess the quality of its products.

All the products mentioned in this list are of the best quality. That’s the reason they are present inside this list of best screwdriver bit sets. The quality of every product is matching its features and price. You can choose any according to your pocket and need.

In terms of quality, my favourite product is DeWalt Impact Ready FlexTork (35-pcs Set).

Best price:

Price is an important criterion; some products have high prices as they are of superior quality. But we can’t judge worth based on quality as some products have high quality but affordable prices. Prices are based on product performance too.

If you are looking for an affordable impact driver bit set with a high-value black+ decker is the best set for you available in the market. It also won the award of best budget-friendly impact driver bit set.


While buying the set, first check what size of bits you work with the most. It will not only ease your selection, but the working process also becomes smooth. Buying the wrong sizes will bring damages. Although bits set mostly come in at least two different sizes, making it easier for the consumer to use the best bit even if they don’t know the size with hit and trial.

Versatile product:

Even in screwdriver bits, if you don’t choose the right sized bit for your work, you can continue a job well. That’s why a screwdriver comes in several different sizes, and you can use any size according to the relevant task.

A set mostly has at least two different bits; the longer length bits help worth deeply immersed screws. All the products mentioned above are versatile according to your price range and the nature of the job.


The different job requires different tools, and it’s the same for the screwdriver bits set. But every set has a wide range of bits which we can use in every daily task. Moreover, all the mentioned bits come within a storage case, which keeps them in one place and easy to port from one place to another.


Along with many other features, one of the elements is convenience. While buying a set, always consider that; the set has desired sizes, extra bits, and does it come along a storage case. All these will increase your chance to select the best impact driver bit set.

Also, check how many standard bits are present inside the set more the better. Have more than one standard size bits will help you in team projects to complete the work as soon as possible. All these products will be convenient for you, but I prefer the Dewalt pro set (80-pcs).


If you don’t have a lot of experience, you will find it difficult to attach your bits with the drills and impact drivers. Many screwdriver bits have magnetic strip over them to solve these issues, making it easier to get connected to the device. So while researching for the best screwdriver bit set, try finding the magnetic bits.

The magnetic bits offer ease of use and connivance. When it comes to bit set, it is mandatory for a handyman to have forstner bits. However, if you want to stick to the one, there is no other better than freud forstner bit.

Types of screwdrivers

While working with bit sets, we work along with different screwdrivers such as;

Purpose of different screwdrivers:

Every screwdriver bit set mentioned in this list has its purpose. You can not use the same bit set for every purpose. Because using the same set can create problems, and results will not be good.

Usage and purpose of different screwdrivers;

Phillips Screwdriver:

It’s the most common type of screwdriver, which comes along with many bit sets. This screwdriver’s essential features are that it is immaculate in appearance, firm, and provides excellent surface area. The primary purpose of this driver is to provide tight and controlled adjustments.

Slotted Screwdriver:

As the name indicates, this works best with slotted screws. Most widely used for carpentry and cabinet assemblage. They are very basic still; almost every homeowner keeps it inside its tools box to fit the slotted screws.

Pozidrive Screwdriver:

These screwdrivers are not as widely used as the others because they are rare. Most professionals use them to get an extra grip on the head of the screw. They are the advanced form of Phillips screwdriver.

Torx Screwdriver:

Unlike other screwdrivers, it is extraordinary and multipurpose. You can use this with different electrical equipment. Its firm grip can bear the movement of power tools.


Being a Handyman, you will always need a set of the best screwdriver bit in your tools. Every professional, semi-professional, and homeowner uses it in his daily fixes. All the mentioned bits’ sets of the brands come with a standard ¼ shank in this list. 

You can use these bits with any impact driver without any specifications. Suppose you are looking for a driving bit set. In that case, I will recommend in general three picks: Long Rocaris 10 pcs Screwdriver BitsSet, DeWalt Impact Ready FlexTork (35-pcs Set), Irwin tools impact performance series (20pcs).

If you want a pocket friendly but the high value and quality best bit set, go for the Black+ Decker (42 pcs set).

Also, along these, try ordering the damaged screws and bolt extractors. It will be beneficial when dealing with a stripped screw.


Which one is the best screwdriver bit set in the market?

Well, I answered this question above by listing all the ones that are best in my review. Now choose one according to your work task. Most people prefer DeWalt Impact Ready FlexTork (35-pcs Set).

To know about more power tool brands, it best to see this article.

How do I know what screwdriver bit to use?

The screwdriver bit set includes various types of bits that often confuse a user about which to use and which do not. You can easily select the right one by checking its size with the screw head. A bit that is too big or too small will not sit properly on the head of the screw.

How do you use a screwdriver bit set?

You can use drills and screwdrivers with these bits to implant a screw or pull it out. In case of a drill, make sure that you apply the right amount of pressure in the screw head at the right angle. Try to grip the screw slightly when implanting it inside some material, not to slip away and fit accurately.

Are all screwdriver bits the same?

Well, all the same in terms of their ¼ hex shank so that they get fitted inside any drill. But in terms of quality, size, and price, they differentiate. In total, three types of bits are available in the market.

Which is a better drill bit, cobalt or titanium?

Cobalt drill bits work well with rigid materials, whereas titanium drill bits work well for soft materials.

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