Can you use an Impact Wrench as a Drill?

can you use an impact wrench as a drill

Impact wrench and Drill are two different tools that have different jobs to perform at a different rate.

If you are in a hurry and want the answer right away, then in some cases, you can use a drill instead of an impact wrench, such as do it yourself project. However, a drill can not most certainly be used as an impact wrench.

If you wonder why the two tools can not be switched, you must keep reading to understand the basics and choose the best for your products.

Quick Comparison

Can you use an Impact Wrench as a Drill

Ryobi ToolsRidgid Tools

Uses to tightening and fastening of screws

Use to drill clear round holes and loosening of the nuts

Much heavier than impact driver drills combined

Easier to use and manage

Use for extensive projects

Suitable for doing it yourself projects

Requires to be supervised by an expert

Can be used by watching tutorials

Can not drill holes in hard materials

Do drill holes in both soft as well as rigid materials

Now that you have gone through the essential points of differences between the two tools, let us go back to the initial points I stated above.

Homeowners or professionals most commonly use drills for everyday tasks. Whereas an impact wrench as particular jobs such as in the automotive shop and other peculiar industries. Therefore, there is a vast difference between the power and pressure required.

Hence, in industries, the job that has to be done by an impact wrench must be done by it. However, if you have a soft material to drill at home, an impact wrench can make a hole.

It is time to dive into the tools properly, keep reading, and keep exploring.

What is Impact Wrench?

An impact wrench is most commonly used in loosening and tightening of nuts. However, they can be used for versatile purposes, particularly where high torque is required.

People have developed a high liking for impact wrenches. The reason lies in the fact that these tools do the work itself, and does not require the user to exert external pressure.

Do not confuse yourself with other tools, as it has many names such as impactor, impact gun, air wrench, air gun, rattle gun, torque gun, windy gun.

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Types of an Impact wrench

There are three significant types of impact wrenches that we somehow come familiar with

Air Impact Wrench

It is the most potent type of impact wrench. Not just that it produces the maximum torque one expects. Therefore these are mostly seen in professional shops.

Corded Electric Impact Wrench

This wrench is made operative by plugging in a socket. As the electricity starts to run, it starts working.

Cordless Impact Wrench

It is one of the most innovative impact wrenches. It works on the batteries installed and doesn’t require any wire or electricity to help it work.

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How to use an impact wrench?

An impact wrench is one of the most powerful tools. It needs expertise and guide to avoid any damages or injuries. Hence, it is better to learn about impact wrench before using them.

Reading the manual

Start by reading the manual that has come with your tool. It must have stated particular features, and you have to understand that.

Precautionary measures

The next mandatory thing is to wear full protective gear. If it is your first time using the impact wrench, you should know that it can cause severe injuries if not properly handled.

Do not forget to wear glasses and gloves, whether it is your first project or a hundredth.

Consistent Pressure

Once you are ready, set the wrench according to the manual. The bolt will get loose using the torque of the tool, and you can easily remove it.

If you are using it to tighten the nut, it will be done using the forward direction.

What is a Drill?

A drill is a tool available in different sizes, power, and speed. It is used to drill round holes in soft as well as rigid materials. In addition to that, it is also used to drive fasteners.

As time is moving forward, we can find highly innovated tools. Same is the case with drills. Most of the drills are now powered wither by cord or cordless. However, for people who still prefer hand drill, there are plenty of good options in the market.

Types of drill

There are many types of drills; however, we will discuss the ones concerned with this article.

Corded Drill

It uses power from a socket. It comes with a pistol grip and has many sizes from which the user can choose accordingly.

Cordless Drill

It is one of the most common drills. This drill uses rechargeable batteries and comes in the same shape as corded drills.

Impact drill

It is also known as an impact driver. The unique feature it has is the hexagonal socket. It is most commonly used to remove nuts and bolts.

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How to use a drill?

As now the purpose of the drill has been cleared, it is time to use it in the right way to avoid any wastage and increase productivity.

Basic understanding

The manual of your tool will indicate different parts of the drill. You can quickly learn which button is used for which purpose. Some of the drills also feature LED light to help to work in the dark.

In addition to that, it will also specify if the drill is corded or cordless, or battery operated.

Reverse switch

Once you have drilled in a particular material, it is time to take out the drill. However, press the reverse button to avoid broken holes, and the drill will come out fine.

Speed and torque

You can easily adjust the speed according to your ease of work. But let the drill run at its full speed before making it in contact with the material.

Also, set the toque as needed. For hard materials, you would require high torque. In this way, you can avoid stripped screws.

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A drill is suitable for small tasks, whereas an impact wrench is a great power tool best for extensive projects.

You can do drill’s work with an impact wrench if you have full control. But to achieve high-quality results, do not do impact wrench’s work with the drill.

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