Crack Stix Review【Unbiased 2021】

crack stix review

No matter how hard you try, but there will be a time when your driveway will have a crack. There is nothing terrible in it. Every material has an expiry, but there is always a solution.

Remember, as soon as you locate the first crack, it is time to get it repaired. There are chances that if you leave it like that the damages will extend to the driveway or other areas. In such instances, you would have to spend a lot of costs to get the whole area repaired.

However, even for the first crack, I recommend you to repair it form scratch. In this way, the area is adequately evened.


Why we love it:

crack-stix review

  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Best for driveways
  • Offers clean finishing
✅ Easy to use❌ Melting takes time
✅ Doesn't create a mess
✅ High adhesive strength

If you have a concrete or asphalt driveway that has cracks, then with the crack-stix you do not have to worry anymore. Crack stix review states that it fits perfectly with the material guaranteeing a smooth and precise finishing. Not just that it is best for those who are beginners, and it is their first time repairing a driveway. Hence, it is easy on the budget to try.

Also, to that, the rope is of moderate size therefore 1/2 inches or 1/4 inches. This medium size helps it fit in any size of crack properly. Moreover, the supreme quality rope is made to bear high summer weather or frozen snow on the driveway.

The biggest threat to the crack and filler is the moisture. With moisture, the connecting strength loses, and the gap doesn’t fill correctly, or at least not for a more extended period.

Crack-Stix is my personal choice because of the high adhesive strength it contains; which minimizes the moisture and makes it highly durable and fit accurately. Remember, it needs to be melted using a hand-held torch for the best results.

Best Used For

Since it is a driveway crack filler it works best for asphalt and concrete. If you want to try it on out surfaces such as stucco or cobblestone driveways the results might not be as pleasing as you want them to be. One can easily recognize the patch where you have used a crack filler to fill the gap.

However, it can also be used to fill your sidewalk cement if it needs refilling. The dimension this highly demanded crack filler can serve are 30f long and 1 inch wide.

You can use it again for longer cracks, and for wider ones, you shaved them down. In this way, it becomes a crack filler for any space dimension—hence no need to spend extra dollars on other crack fillers.

Ultimate features

It looks like a rope, a self-leveling sealant that comes in 125 feet roll that is either 1/2 inches or 1/4 inches wide depending on the item you have bought.

This rope melts perfectly under high temperatures, which makes it easy for it to fit in properly. Since it is a work of contraction and expansion, the chances of moisture vanishes. This further results in high adhesive strength, raising longevity.

You do not have to use gas or any other material to melt it. It is made more comfortable to use; hence you fit the crack-stix, and it melts naturally or using a torch. In addition to that, it comes in gray and black color to match any asphalt or concrete. You can choose the one that goes with your driveway.

Note: gray crack stix only comes in 1/2 inch wide, which you can use as many times as needed to fill wider gaps.


It is not only for the driveways, but also for years it has been the first choice to fill the cracks on the highways. Therefore, it is declared one of the most durable crack filler of 2021. It easily withstands high pressure and doesn’t come out.

Not just that, it is exceptionally significant for driveways that do not have shades on them because of the extreme capacity to bear the heat. Considering the flexibility, it also stops any moisture from getting in and ruining its sticking strength.

It is not only the best choice for summers but winters as well. Do you live in a state where there is snow all winter? Then this will suit you best as it is non-slippery.

Quality as promised

For the melting ability, it sticks with the inside of the cavity and fits perfectly. The two colors are a plus. You can use either to match your driveway. Not just that, it gets perfectly leveled, so there is a scarce chance of any accident by walking on that portion.


Because it is not only for DIY projects but also for a professional choice; it is reasonably priced at Amazon. Besides, it is easy to use; you do not need a professional to come over and apply it.

You can surely do it yourself.

Check out different brand’s comparisons to get the best one for yourself; Ryobi Vs Ridgid and Kobalt vs Craftsman.

How to use crack-stix filler

If you made your mind to use it, you must go through these step-by-step guides to understand how it is a one person’s job and easy to do.

Step 1

Start by cleaning the hole. It a mandatory step as if it has any rock or unwanted dirt, the crack will not get filled rightly, and the results will be uneven.

Initially, use a broom or screwdriver to clean it. Later wash it with water and let it dry completely.

Razorblade can also be used to cut plexiglass, learn how.

Step 2

It is time to cut the crack-stix filler to match the size of the gap in your driveway or sidewalk. You can use a razor blade to cut it according to the extent you have measured for the crack.

Unwrap it from the plastic and let it melt either naturally or using a hand-held torch. Be patient as it would take up to 30 seconds to melt properly.

Step 3

Now that it has been melted thoroughly let it sit for 20-30 minutes. In this way, it fills the crack properly from every side and angle.

You are advised to melt it again to make the driveway even.

Use this video for further help.

Additional Tip

  • To achieve the best results, use it at a temperature above 32 Fahrenheit.
  • Remember, this crack-stix filler is not to be used in the rain.
  • Always check the forecast before the application.
  • Let the crack filled for 24 hours before sealing.

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