Freud Forstner Bits Review 【Make the Right Purchase】

freud forstner bit review

In a fix to choose which forstner bit will get you your results? The ideal choice will be to buy a seven-set Forstner bit set which mostly does the deed in an impeccable way. But if you are looking to buy only one forstner drill bit, you have come to the right place.

Being an occasional Diy-er or in a more professional domain, you are bound to come across drill bits labelled with Freud – an Austrian brand of tools, particularly forstner drill bits.

You will find numerous Forstner drill bit sets in the market. But it is safe to say the Freud seven-piece precision shear Forstner bit set tops the list of the best available sets to buy.

But first lets’ look into the depths of Freud Forstner bits.

Freud Forstner Bits Reviews

Seven-piece Freud Forstner Bits Review:

    Extremely Durable
    Suitable for many holes
    Suitable for both hand and drill press

In a seven-piece set of Freud Forstner drill bits, the length range is from 1/4-inch to 1-inch.

This set comes with a storage box made up of wood. But it is possible to get this set without any storage box too. In fact, most of the time, sets that come without wooden storage boxes are available.

But worry not, if you have even a little bit of do-it-yourself skill, the wooden box is very easy to make. Therefore, it is not a thing to fret about.

Particulars about seven-piece set:
freud bits

Sixteen-piece set Freud Forstner Bits Review:

In a sixteen-piece set of Freud Forstner drill bits, the length range is from 1/4-inch to 2-1/8-inches. The advantage of this set is the diverse range of bits it comes with. The commonly used sizes can be found in this set.

However, if you require 1/16-inch-increment bits, you would be disappointed in this regard. This set does not offer you this size.

In contrast to a seven-piece set, which mostly comes without the storage box, the sixteen-piece set comes with a storage box.

Particulars about sixteen-piece set:
Fortner bit reviews

Unfolding Freud Forstner Bits

It is close to becoming a fact that among the notable brands of forstner drill bits, you will find Freud in the top list. Freud manufactures the bits both separately and in set form. Mostly, two types i.e., black oxide or carbide are available.

The contrasting point in these versions is the cleanliness and cutting edge. Carbide bits give a long-lasting cutting edge. Black oxides are known for their smooth and much cleaner cuts. Moreover, they are economical. To understand deeply check the comparison between forstner vs spade bits.



Freud Forstner Drill Bits are made up of hardened steel either black oxide or carbide.

2-Shank length:

Freud manufactures forstner bits having shank length of 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch. This brings us to whether impact drivers can be used with Freud Forstner bits or not. If chuck conversion tool is used along with forstner bits, then impact drivers can be used.

The shank length of Freud Forstner bits verifies the use of regular drill bits with forstner bits.


The precise and clean holes are the result of how forstner bits are built. Freud builds Forstner having saw-like edges, helping to drill faster. Talking about tip points, Freud forstner bits have sharper tips, placed throughout the tool.

So, resultantly, it makes holes at the exact place you want.

Advantages of Freud Forstner Bit


As previously mentioned, Freud makes drill bits with hardened steel. The two versions are carbide and black oxide.

The black oxide Freud Forstner bits are one of the best additions to make in your tool set. They are of exceptional quality.

The durability of Freud Forstner bits can be verified by their origin of manufacturing. As demand gets high or to expand the business, many tool making companies turn to other countries, take China for example.

But Freud has stuck to its Austrian origins. It offers originality in all ways. From the area of manufacturing to keeping up the standard quality of products, choosing Freud Forstner bits is the right decision.

But of course, higher the quality higher the price. Subsequently, one has to pay a hefty sum of money to buy Freud Forstner drill bits.

Ease of Use

The mentioned two sets are much easier to use when countersink holes are the need. Frequently, if you get a seven-piece set, it is enough as many bit sizes are present in it.

But in cases when the crafting needs holes above 1-inch diameter, that is when a sixteen-piece set does the deed.

However, these mentioned sets do not offer 1/16-inch-increment size bits. So, you have to buy them separately.

Check the Best Forstner Bits

If you choose to have the Forstner bits after this through analysis this article may help you get the best one in the market.

Is buying a set absolutely necessary?

Now that you are well aware of the pros and cons of Freud Forstner Drill bits sets, the next question is whether or not you should invest in them.

Obviously in cases when more than one size range is not required, investing in sets is a bit of downgrade. Same is the case when you are an amateur. Freud drill bits are twice as expensive as other brands.

So, is it wise to pay large amounts of money?

The answer is you should only buy a set in the following conditions:

Professional grounds

For people who work with tools like plumbers, architects, construction workers buying a set of Freud Forstner Bits outweighs the monetary issues. Having a seven-piece or sixteen-piece set on your tool shelf will save you extra visits to any tool shops.

No compromise on quality

It is established from this article that using Freud Forstner Drill bit helps you achieve maximum quality. So, if you are a person who wants the best possible quality in every case, Freud Forstner bits sets will absolutely save you.


All in all, Freud Forstner drill bit sets although, a bit out of budget, are safe investment for professionals. So many types of hole sizes can be made if you own one of these sets. In cases when you do not require diversity, other alternatives can be used.

But prepare yourself for the quality level then.