5 Easy Ways on How to Drill a Large Hole in Wood?

how to drill a large hole in wood

In any workshop or the workbench in homes, the presence of drill bits has become as natural as breathing. Among them, the most prominent is the standard twist drill bit. Undoubtedly, most of the time, you need to drill holes in wood or some other materials when you are crafting something.

Why do we fail at drilling holes

Drilling holes in wood is itself not a problem. But in the case when you need to enlarge the holes, issues arise. Using the standard hole drill bits has one drawback, i.e., small diameter. Particularly, to drill large holes in the wood, we need to know the best drill bits.

Besides the small diameter, the other issue in the standard twist drill bit is its mechanism. It cuts by rotation. When you start drilling, place the middle of the bit appropriately.

If you are not able to find the right position, it cannot spin evenly. When there’s already a hole, there’s nowhere for the center of the bit to bite into.

Consequently, if you cannot drill deep and large holes, it limits your experience. We have gathered many effective ways about how to cut a large hole in wood.

Five most efficient drill bits to drill large holes in wood

Below are the tools for making large and deep holes you can choose for perfect crafting:

Spade Drill Bit

Your toolbox of How to cut a hole in woodmust contain a spade drill bit. Unquestionably, the spade drill bit is one of the customary choices in tools for making holes in wood.

It is commonly called a paddle drill bit, often found in an electrician or a plumbers’ hands.

Qualities to look out for:

The wide flat blade of a spade drill bit helps to cut out a wide hole. Also, it has a shank connected to the blade that is chucked into both regularly-chucked drills and quick-chuck impact drivers.

Remarkable precision and control achieved through brad point. If you are looking for how to drill a perfectly vertical hole, it is the best choice and shaves the wood in cock screw shape.

drill holes in wood

Points to consider:

  • The shank of a spade bit needs to be perpendicular to the workpiece while drilling.
  • Do not drill at slow speed while drilling large holes.
  • Cutting edges should be angled at ten degrees.
  • Spade bits work best when they are incredibly sharp.

Look for top spade bits right here.

Deep Hole Slaw

Deep Hole slaws are used at a more professional level. A large range of holes with varying diameters can be cut—usually, ⅛” or ¼” increments. Deep Hole slaw is flexible in offering hole sizes you need. But obviously, if you will pay the price for it.

Qualities to look out for:

 It has an annular drilling head. Interior plug can be saved. Deep hole slaw runs on low power. Compared with spade drill bits, the use of deep hole slaw is cleaner as they grind less wood while boring holes in woods.

The plug is easy to remove.

drilling holes in wood

Points to Consider:

  • For reducing the splitting of wood, place the sacrificial wood under the piece of wood you are using to drill holes
  • Also, you can achieve more cutting if the drill bit has fewer teeth and long slots.
  • Hole saws can only drill through holes in materials up to about 2 inches thick.
  • If you have no drill press, a deep hole slaw is a right choice.

Self-Feed Drill Bit

It should be noted that more modified bore drill bits are emerging. Self-Feed Drill Bit is unique in this matter. We label it as an exceptional choice in wood bore drill bits.

The reason is the feature of this drill bit. It is a combination of both spade drill bit and deep hole slaw drill bit.

Since it is a mixture of two efficient tools, this drill bit is becoming prominent day by day.

Qualities to look out for:

In case when wiring and piping are needed. They are used explicitly for Deep Hole drill bits. The presence of a screw tip enables for sinking into more depths.

In contrast to spade drill bits and hole slaws, the Wide annular ring tip of the self-feed drill bit is the distinguishing feature. A moderate hole depth is reached.

how to cut a hole in wood without a drill

Points to consider:

  • The self-feed drill bits can be used in one passing like hole slaws in the case when you can use them from both sides.

Forstner Drill Bit

Without a doubt, when you need the most delicate cutting, the Forstner drill bit makes it to the top of the list. Though different manufacturers produce Forstner drill bits in varying ways, the ruling framework operates on the same principle.

This drill bit’s notable features are a precisely machined rim, a centre spur, and a chipper. In the industrial sector, Forstner drill bits are a preferred option.

Qualities to look out for:

Gives youTear out-free, flat-bottomed holes in any wood type. Multiple bore angles (1 to 89 degrees) can be made to cut a hole in the woods. Not only various angles can be achieved, but also straight, angled, or overlapping holes.

Also, a huge number of wood densities can be covered. You can even bore a partial hole on board edges. Rely on these bits when you need flawless countersinks, even dog holes, decorative cutouts, and round recesses of all kinds.

how to make a hole in wood

Points to Consider:

  • Carbide Forstner drill bits can be used to overcome the heating issue.  But indeed, the extra cost has to be paid.
  • The concomitant use of a handheld power drill will help to gain more depth.
  • When used with a drill press, you answer ‘How to drill a straight hole in woods.
  • The main trick is to buy a set of Forstner drill bits instead of individual purchasing.

You can find the ultimate forstner bits here.

Step Drill Bit

Following the above-discussed drill bits, we have reached the last option. In case when you run out of other big drill bits, Step Drill Bit saves the day.

Thus, it should be an observed practice to have one of these bits in your workbench. However, it is not a common tool employed for drilling holes in woods. This type of drill bit is a conical shaped drill bit able to step up the hole size according to your requirement.

Qualities to look out for:

It expands a small hole into a large hole. You can be free of cleaning out on your own. This drill bit has the function of cleaning out material during the drilling process.  Consequently, you can drill holes without messing up the surrounding surface.

wood bore drill bits

Points to consider:

If angle holes are needed urgently while using step drill bits, it is advised to make angle starter holes before using the drill bit for making woods with holes.

Other notable drill bits are:

Circle cutters

Differing from Forstner Drill bits, these cutters create a huger hole in the woods. Also, a wide range of holes with diameters up to six inches can be created. In addition to these attributes, cutters are relatively easy to sharpen. Circle cutters are large hole drill bits.

deep holes

You can prefer circle cutters when you have to cut snug-fitting openings for vac hoses in the shop made jigs and fences. Apart from this, if the cutter’s blade is inverted, one could create wheels of toy cars and disks too.

The safe use of circle cutters lies in synergism with drill presses. Reduce the speed of the drill press for more effective results.

Auger Drill Bits

The bits are mostly employed in furniture making, especially chairs. They are also used in construction sites. The lead screw in these bits is intended for pulling them through woods with holes.

In particular, auger drill bits excel in drilling large holes in the wood when combined with a hand power brace. In this case, no other drill bit will beat this bit in chairmaking and other furniture.

The image below will help you in the selection of your required hole drill bits.

What to do when the depth level of drill bits is insufficient?

This is one of the most occurring issues while boring holes in wood. Often, after finishing the drilling process, we fail to reach our desired hole size in the wood. But instead of discouraging ourselves, we can practice the following solutions:

The primary approach when such an issue arises will be to analyze the extensions your drill bit has. It should be noted that not all drill bits will have extensions. Instead, these are limited to large wood boring bits.

One example of a drill bit with extension is a large hole slaw. This bit contains many extensions that are accustomed to a variety of head sizes. Alternatively, if you cannot work with this extension idea, you must consider a thorough cutting plan.

The other approach is to make use of both ends of the holed wood.  This technique can be operative when a standard drill bit is employed for drilling a hole in the wood.

Afterward, any wood bore drill bits, as mentioned above, should be used for making large hole cuts on both ends. Then you center these holes around the guide hole.

How to Choose the Right Big Bit?

We have explained the best options for large hole drill bits. Selecting the exact type of drill bit for making a large and deep hole in the woods is the next step. It would be best if you looked out for:

Firstly, the price of the drill bit. You have to consider if the specifications are worth the cost. Secondly, choose those drill bits which offer your required diameter. In most of the cases, clean holes are wanted. So, check for the tear-out capacity of the drill bit.

Some bits can be used safely only when combined with drill presses and freehand use. So, filter out your choices. Besides all these considerations, go for those big bits that will give you your wanted hole type:  angled, deep, shallow, and overlapping.

How to drill a large hole in wood

Once you get your wanted large wood boring drill bit, the final step is to create a perfect smooth deep, or large hole.

You will manage to do a perfect job while drilling holes in wood if you:

tool to drill holes in wood


On the whole, a wide array of options exists if you want large hole drill bits—no matter in the professional set up or Diy crafting. You can answer “how to drill large holes in wood” correctly if you look hard enough for the right kind of drill bit.

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