Guide On How to Fix a Stripped Screw Hole in Metal

stripped screw

A screw hole is prone to damages considering that the screw is inserted with extra force or some external forces have deviated it. In either way, the best option is to learn how to fix the stripped screw in different materials.

Remember that the ease of fixing stripped screw holes depends on the material you are working on. 

If you face this problem, keep reading to learn fun methods on how to fix a stripped screw hole in the metal and other materials.

Note that inserting a new screw in a damaged hole is not the solution.

How to fix a stripped screw hole in metal?

If you are only dealing with metal material, the two best methods are shared below; go through them, and decide what best suits you.

Creating Threads Methods

First of all, measure the diameter of the hole you are about to fix. You can measure the diameter with the help of the screw that fits in it.

  • Now count the thread gap considering an inch-long screw.
  • Use a drill press to make an even hole that is smaller than the new screw
  • Start threading by tapping in the hole. Be slow and gradually reach the bottom of the hole
  • Insert the screw and stop if you feel any resistanc.e. Make sure that the screw reaches the bottom

Helicoil Insert

For this method, you need a Helicoil, drill, and tap set. In addition to that, get an old screw.

  • Start by drilling in the last hole. It is done to remove the old threading for a smooth process
  • Create new threads in the drilled hole slowly to the end. Make use of your drill to insert the tap set
  • Insert the Helicoil using the installation tool
  • Do not forget to remove the tang
 Important: Clean the hole using brake oil or other lubricants to ensure better results. 

Methods to Fix Stripped Holes in General

There are several methods share below. You can choose one either based on the material you have or the ease of the task.

fixing screw hole in metal

Screw Hole Kit

If you have a screw hole kit, you may not want to struggle with other screw hole repair methods.

A screw hole repair kit comprises common materials that can instantly repair the hole, therefore thin materials like plastic and wall plugs.

All you have to do is cut the pieces according to the hole, very carefully and precisely. Then insert all the cut pieces into the hole to fill it. It is one of the most accessible techniques to fix a stripped screw hole.

Once you have filled the whole with the required material in the right amount, you can put a new screw in the same position. If you get to deal with screws often, you can purchase this kit. As one can not deny that no matter how hard one tries, there is always a possibility that the hole gets damaged.

screw hole filler

Use Longer or Wider Screw

Another way to get the last screw hole repairs is not to do that, ta-da!

Yes, you can do this by either using a screw that is larger in the size of the one used before. It will help to reach that part of the material where the last screw didn’t touch. In this way, the new screw holds and gets a firmer grip.

On the other hand, you can get a screw that is more in diameter than the one used before. The working mechanism will be of the nature that will occupy a wider surface, and therefore the grip will be new and tight.

This method to fix the stripped screw is recommended for beginners and necessary to fix it immediately. Other than that, you can choose better ways from this article for neat results.

Important: These screws will work in those places which are not prominent or visible to the naked eye. The reason lies behind the unsymmetric order of screws in a particular area. Not all the screw holes will damage at one time, so the material will look odd while fixing the one with larger screws.

Use of Toothpicks or matchsticks

Presenting you another easy method which does not require a lot of materials a beginner might not have. Furthermore, if you find ways to fix a stripped screw hole in cheap, then here it is.

There is not much to do other than cutting them in the hole’s exact size for toothpicks. Since toothpicks are smaller and thinner in dimensions, it is better to have plenty of them in hands.

Once you have put the toothpicks in the hole, cut the extra part outside the gap with a tool, so you have that in one particular size.

Though this is one of the simplest methods, however, you have to be a lot more cautious when using a matchstick. Cut off the heads before using them to avoid any disaster.

Do the same as before, fill the hole according to the dimensions.

 Important: Once either toothpicks or matches fill the hole, you have to glue them using the wood glue. 

Cons of using this method

Undoubtedly this method is best for immediate results, but it is not suitable for long-term purposes. Mainly if you are using these matchsticks or toothpicks in different materials, say plastic is not best.

Exact matches of wood pieces

This method on how to fix a stripped screw hole is much beneficial, and long-lasting as similar wood pieces will be used in the fixation process.

All you have to do is cut the wood pieces according to the required size and fill the hole. As done before, use wood glue to secure the pieces.

Benefits of this method

The wood used in this method is of much higher quality. In addition to that, it matches our workpiece. Hence, the hole will not look strange if exposed.

Wood Dowels

If you were looking for an answer for how to fix a stripped screw hole in wood, get a drill, and you are good to go.

For this method of fixing the stripped hole, you have to drill a hole in the same positions. Remember that this hole will be bigger than the screw you have used before. You can match the new hole’s diameter with the dowel you plan to use to be more precise.

Once you have drilled the hole, fit the dowel into it. Here again, comes the use of wood glue, fix the dowel with the glue’s help to get better results. Do not forget to cut them flush with your workpiece.

 Important: While drilling the hole, you have to be very careful. Make sure not to drill a wider hole than the diameter of the new screw. 

With any of the methods of fixing a stripped screw, there is a possibility of not a very good-looking workpiece. Therefore, measure every step accordingly.

This doesn’t include much of tools, however, one must be familiar with the most common tools uses such as impact drivers and impact wrench. Explore right away before making the next purchase.

Plastic Wall Plugs

Other than how to fix a stripped screw hole in metal, most of us struggle when fixing a screw hole in the concrete.

Most of these times, you can use a plastic wall plug. These are easy to use and super thin. Therefore, it can easily fit in the hole. However, you will need a drill here as well to build a gap.

Do not concern yourself. This drilling effect will be more admirable and of minimum diameter.

Now that your handyman’s journey has been started, it is best to know the brands more deeply than before. Go through Kobalt vs. craftsman and Ryobi vs. Ridgid right now!


How to fix a stripped screw hole in metal?

For materials like metal, you must not involve wood. Rather than that, you can use plastic wall plugs to get the desired results.

How to fix a stripped screw hole in wood?

For wood, remember that the best technique is to use the same wood as the workpiece. It doesn’t affect the material, nor does it look varied.

How to fix a stripped screw hole in plastic?

The best you can do is fix the hole using a plastic wall plug. Alongside that, use wood glue to fix it in the spot properly.

How to measure the diameter of the hole?

You can measure the diameter of the screw that perfectly fits inside the hole. The result will be the diameter of the hole as well.

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