Kobalt vs Craftsman; which one to choose?

who owns craftsman

Kobalt vs. craftsman; brand plays a very important role in our purchasing intention. There are times when we go for a single tool, but there could be times when we would opt for a whole tool kit.

It is where the role of a particular brand comes in. Please do not take it lightly as every brand has a particular set of specifications. One cannot deny that be it a beginner or experienced man; choosing the right brand is a key to a good DIY project.

Quick Comparison

Kobalt Vs Craftsman

Impact WrenchRidgid Tools

227 Tool pieces

224 tool pieces

No universal joint

Features universal joint

Weighs 32 pounds

36.9 pounds

Kobalt vs. craftsman

History of Kobalt tools and Craftsman tools

If you are a 90s kid, then you have a companion tool’s brand as 1998 marks Kobalt tools’ existence. However, craftsman tools are in the industry from way back today’s handyman can count; 1927. 

If you wonder how the craftsman vs. Kobalt comparison started considering their time in the market, know that in much less time, Kobalt introduced not only power tools but also that it launched hand and mechanic tools.

Before moving towards who makes Kobalt tools, know that the owner J.H. Williams is Lowe’s manufacturing partner. Also, there are Cobalt drill bits, you might not want to get confuse about.

Contrary to that, the craftsman has expertise in power tools. It particularly targets every power tool that exists in the market. Craftsman’s sale started through the retail of Sears here. The merger of Kmart and Sears became the source of the large selling of its tools here.

Who owns craftsman tools now? 

The current owner of the craftsman is Stanley Black and Decker. 

Back in 1998, Kobalt tools took the Craftsman tool as their sole competitor. The sales of Kobalt vs. craftsman worked simultaneously as Kobalt immediately started to sell at Lowe’s.

However, presently there is a true competition for Kobalt vs. craftsman tools as both of their products are found at Lowe’s.

Quality Comparison Kobalt vs. craftsman

Among the many other features, the quality matters the most. When we spend money on a particular tool, the expected results should worth the amount we have paid. For tools, quality is the only feature we have to look for. The reason lies in the fact the power tools particularly draw electricity; if the quality is low, the tools will not last more than 1st attempt. On the other hand, it is not wrong if one expects its tool to last years by paying a high amount.

The true measure of quality lies in answer to where are Kobalt tools made?

Kobalt tools currently have three tool’s line. The majority of the power is made in Germany and China; however, mechanic tools are made in the USA.

Lowe’s had a wide range of Kobalt tools, one of Kobalt’s biggest drivers to maintain quality. Not just that, the offer to providing with exceptional quality made people quite satisfied with the brand in less time.

However, it takes time for a new entrant to become the demand of everyone.

Today, it is one of the most used brands, particularly addressing consumer brands.

On the other hand, the craftsman has been in the market for enough time to experiment and deliver the best quality products. If we focus on people’s choice, then in the last poll, it topped as the Most Trusted Brand.

NASCAR has made the craftsman as its official tool brand. It only increases people’s trust and urges the brand to stick to the quality it has promised.

 For hand tools, people do not think twice to make a purchase from the craftsman. 

kobalt tools

Warranty Options Kobalt vs. craftsman

Although both the brands offer high quality and durability for any mishaps, they also secure their customer with warranties.

Kobalt warranty is one of the best in terms of time and customer support. Kobalt tool warranty usually last years and most of caters lifetime long warranties.

On the contrary, to that, the craftsman also offers many years warranties, unlike cobalt tools you may not get lifetime warranties on some of its products.

Consequently, Lowe’s craftsman warranty can be easier to deal with other than warranties that come under Sears. 

You can always check for craftsman tool warranty before purchase.

Product Lines Kobalt vs. craftsman

The number of products a brand hold s dependent on the time it has been in the market. If someone argues with you that it is not true, remember product doesn’t directly come in the market and sell right away. It is a detailed process of analysis, experiments, and feedback.

Who owns craftsman for more than eight decades has been able to have more product portfolio comparatively Kobalt tools. So if you are new and collecting all the necessary tools that come under power tools, Kobalt can serve you that.

Though both of the brands have expertise in the making of power tools, however, craftsman beats Kobalt here with a wide range of products.

Since you are entering the handyman’s domain, realize that the tools are way more innovative than a person can imagine. Every tool has a particular purpose, whereas if the one you have is not suitable for your DIY project there sure is another tool in the market.

 Hence, the craftsman has a wider range of power tools to deal with every day’s need. For gardening, automobiles the craftsman will be the right choice. 

Check out the comparison between Impact driver Vs. Impact wrench. Besides that, it is best to check screw gun vs impact driver, because we do not want you waste money.

craftsman tools

Hand Tools Kobalt vs. craftsman

Kobalt here has some different categories and models than the craftsman in terms of hand tools. To be exact, for these two brands, one can not say that one is better than the other all in all.

The reason is that hand tools have a different specification to meet the needs. Therefore, if the craftsman has thought that hammers are more needed, they have more models of that. However, Kobalt saw are more useable and needed; therefore, they have more models in that.

These two brands move to meet the needs of the user in a precise way. Consequently, it is best to understand the difference between a forstner bits and spade bits.

Go through the advantages and disadvantages of both the brands and decide the one best for you.

Pros and Cons of Kobalt

✅ Lifetime Warranties❌ The toolbox is prone to damages because of the impact
✅ Allows SAE and Metric System colour coded❌ Comparatively high priced products
✅ Comfortable holding and placing
✅ Tool kit with an empty drawer
✅ High-quality ratchets

Pros and Cons of Craftsman

✅ Easy availability❌ Shallow socket options
✅ Quality toolbox with latches❌ Heavy tool kit makes it difficult to carry around
✅ Lower prices make it affordable
✅ Wide range of products

The other comparison of Ryobi vs. Ridgid might help you as well. 


The choice of brand strongly depends on your needs and preferences. For power tools, the craftsman has a much wider range than the Kobalt while Kobalt offers lifetime warranties.

The quality of both brands is unmatchable. Both are providing the user with the promised reliability.

You can also check the other famous power tool brands, just in case.

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