Ryobi Vs Ridgid; Must to Know Facts

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Choosing the right brand for the products you will own is one of the most critical things to consider. Some brands have complex product portfolios, while others are much simpler. Some brands make products for tough jobs, while others target the DIYers.

In this article, suitable structures comparison is done. Go through Ryobi vs Ridgid and buy the products accordingly.

Ryobi vs Ridgid

Ryobi vs. ridgid


If you ever get in conversation with your dads or grandfather, you will know that Ryobi never started as a power tools manufacturer. The journey started from Ryobi Seisakusho Co. Ltd leading towards press printing and finally to Ryobi power tools in 1968. However, it renamed to Ryobi in 1973.

While the brand Rigid became part of the tool industry back in 1923. In no time, it became one of the most admired brands for the hand tools because of their longevity.

The major change that occurred in the history of Rigid tools was a movement of the company from North Ridgeville, Ohio to Elyria, Ohio in 1943.


In the comparison of Ryobi vs Ridgid, we can find one similarity in terms of manufacturers. Techtronic Industries, having headquarters in Hong Kong, is the manufacturer of Ryobi and Rigid tools.

Ryobi is having 12 manufacturing facilities among six countries while production in Shelbyville, Indiana, is one of the most used brands. Whereas, for the USA and Canada, there are online selling og Ryobi power tools.

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Ryobi vs Ridgid Quality Comparison

Before making the quality comparison of Ridgid vs Ryobi know that Ridgid is further divided into two categories.

Red Rigid Tools

These tools are manufactured in the US by Emerson.

Orange Ridgid Tools

This line of tools is the work of Techtronic Industries in China.

Ridgid has been in the industry even before Ryobi came to the market. It has given it the edge of learning and experimenting, which has resulted in high-quality products. Furthermore, it has been known for hand tools. At the same time, Ridgid power tools are considered new to the market.

Ryobi, on the other hand, is termed as the brand that every house owner owns. It has built its reputation as one of the most convenient tools of the people who are passionate to do the work themselves.

Well, this reputation has restricted its sale for the professionals who consider it a brand for only small projects. But mind that Ryobi cordless tools are best for robust jobs. Its affordability is icing to the cake.

There might come a time when you have to learn how to fix a stripped screw, with these tools of these brands.

Ridgid warranty vs Ryobi warranty

While purchasing any tools, the warranty places a significant role. Since the power tools are more complicated, the damage is probable. Remember that the warranty does not mean that the quality will be low, but it means that the brand care for its customer.

Rigid warranty for its two comes in two main categories. One of it is a three-year limited warranty offered by the manufacturer. On the other hand, the lifetime service agreement is for the power tools it offers. Ridgid lifetime service is part of the successful promotional campaign.

Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement includes

  • Ridgid cordless tools
  • Corded power tools
  • Tile saws
  • Bench
  • Stationary power tools
  • Pneumatic products

The Ridgid lifetime service agreement also offers free parts, services, and batteries if your rigid power tools are registered in 90 days.

Ridgid warranty register shows the parts that the brand covers such as chucks, motors, switches, gears, batteries, and even O-rings, device stops, and driver blades.

How to get Ridgid cordless power tools and other tools repaired and replaced? 

To get your Ridgid power tool repaired, you can use the close service centre. However, for the replacement of the tools, you can call the helpline and register the complaint.

There is also a three years warranty for the Ryobi products. You can easily exchange the product within 90 days. For instance, you got trouble with the Ryobi power drill you can submit it to the nearest recognized service centre for repair.

 Note: For any request of repair or replacement of Ryobi brand’s product, you have to submit the receipts of the purchase. Your product will be replaced or repaired effectively and professionally within 90 days. 

The same process is done for the Ryobi battery warranty.

Ridgid vs Ryobi both offers excellent customer service and warranties. However, Ridgid tools warranty with the Lifetime Service Agreement makes it a champion. But remember that it is only applicable if your product falls under the promotion.

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Ryobi vs Ridgid Product Line

Undoubtedly Ridgid became part of the tool industry way before Ryobi existed. However, there is a tough competition between the portfolio of the products both the brands have ever produced.

Other than the Ryobi drill set, it has plenty of power tools that is filling its catalogue for years now. 40v and 18V One+ are the most common Ryobi product line. Ryobi allows the user to either buy the drivers and drills separately or in combo kits.

Contrary to that, Ridgid’s catalogue is filled with thirty 18V product line.

Most Common Tools of Ryobi and Ridgid

Ryobi ToolsRidgid Tools

Uses to tightening and fastening of screws

Use to drill clear round holes and loosening of the nuts

Much heavier than impact driver drills combined

Easier to use and manage

Use for extensive projects

Suitable for doing it yourself projects

Requires to be supervised by an expert

Can be used by watching tutorials

Can not drill holes in hard materials

Do drill holes in both soft as well as rigid materials


If we see the history Ridgid has been in the market for a much longer time than Ryobi. While comparing the products we came to the point that Ryobi is beating Ridgid there.

However, one can not deny the fact the both of the brands are admired among the users for quality and reliability.

But remember, every person admires it for different reasons. It all comes down to the job one has to do. While choosing any of these two, keep in mind the purpose, you are getting the tool for.

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