Screw Gun Vs. Impact Driver (Impact Wrench and Drill)

screw gun vs impact wrench

It is inevitable to get confused by similar tools. Most of the tools, such as screw guns, impact wrench, impact driver, and drill, look identical.

However, there is always minor detailing to each tool, which makes it different from the other. Do not worry; you are on the next step from the beginning as you have the idea that there is a comparison; Screw gun vs. Impact wrench.

Let us get started by learning the basics of these tools and their working.  If you were wondering about interchangeably using these tools, I might say it quick that don’t-explore why!

Screw Gun vs. Impact Driver

Let’s get started!

What is a screw gun?

As the name says, this is a hybrid of drill and electric screwdriver. The primary purpose of a screw gun is to drive screws. This hybrid install screws much faster and hence increases productivity.

The comparison between Screw gun vs Impact wrench started, particularly for beginners. Since the shape of the tools confuses many.

In addition to an impact wrench, screw guns look like impact drivers and drill. However, remember that both of the three tools have certainly different functionalities to perform.

To identify the screw guns, you can look for the nose instead of a chunk. The tip is of interchangeable 1/4 inch shank bit. Furthermore, the nose can easily be adjusted to provide you with different depth options. The user can easily change that and work accordingly.

Note that you have to be very careful when dealing with drywalls. If you make a deeper hole than intended you might damage the drywall.

Therefore, with careful and precise measurements, you can select the depth to avoid any damages.

What is an Impact Wrench, Impact Driver, and Drill?

Impact Wrench

An impact wrench is used to loosening or tightening of screws. Though Impact wrench looks smaller in size, it is one of the high power tools one can have in its kit.

However, it is not commonly used for doing it yourself projects. And most of the people do not have it in their tools kit. The reason is that it makes exceptionally high noise. In addition to that, one doesn’t need such high torque tools for home but professional projects.

To conclude the combined power of the impact driver and drill is nothing in front of the energy an impact wrench has. If you have been to a mechanics shop, you must have seen this tool.

Impact Driver wrench vs screw

Beginners are more familiar with it, and experienced DIYers prefer it over other tools. It has incredible performance and gives excessively high finishing to the projects.

The working of the impact driver is related to its internal working. From that force, these tools use power and operate. Not just that it works flexibly in rotations and axial direction.

Impact driver screws and fasteners in heavy materials. Moreover, you can screw inward or outward as per the requirement. However, it is also used for small drilling projects.

Power Drill

A Power drill is most significantly used to make holes in materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. It performs the task using the drill bit that rotates using an electric motor.

Since it works using an electric motor, there is an off/on switch provided to avoid any unwanted drilling or damages. Furthermore, the user can change the rotation by using the reversing button.

Remember, beginners need to adjust themselves first then increase the torque for this torque adjustment knob can be used.

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Since you can use both the impact driver and drill to boreholes, but the tool will be different according to the material you are using.

driver vs drill

To know the difference between Impact Wrench Vs. Impact Driver, click right here. It is worth a read, particularly for a beginner.

Screw gun vs Impact Wrench (Impact Driver and Drills)

Now that you have been through the necessary uses of these tools, it is time to dig deep into the primary differences.

I understand the fact that these tools are interchangeably used, but there are little details that must be focused on before choosing the tools for your project.

Let us start from a high torque tool impact wrench. Though screw guns are used to drive in screws, so is an impact wrench, there is a high difference between the power both tools exert.

Impact wrench has power, nothing compared to a screw gun. However, for these reasons, you often encounter a screw gun rather than an impact wrench.

If you are dealing with materials other than wood plastic or metal, you can use a screw gun. But for any material that has higher consistency than these materials, you require an impact wrench to do the task.

Furthermore, an impact wrench is made for construction sites or automobile industries. It is one of the reasons beginners do not do well with it. Moreover, for using an impact wrench, one must have to wear ear pads to avoid hearing disability.

impact wrench vs screw gun

Moving towards Screw gun vs Impact driver, we should realize that these two tools are most frequently used in house projects.

Let us quickly recall the working of the impact driver. It is used to the driver in and out screws and also to drill holes. Now, isn’t drilling holes the primary function of a screw gun?

Sure, it is, and it is one of the most effective tools for boreholes. However, the work is majorly affected by the change of materials and types of screws.

You can use a screw gun while working on light surfaces and using the same size screws. Remember screw gun is best suited for drywalls and same-sized screws.

screw gun vs impact driver

Screw gun vs Drill has a pretty clear difference. A drill is mainly designed to create holes in different materials. On the other hand, the screw gun is designed to drive screws.

However, for low scale projects, both can be used for the two purposes mentioned above. Furthermore, for high scale project to get smooth results, the drill must be used for drilling while screw gun for driving screws.

Comparing the two tools, you must know that drills are way more versatile than screw guns. You can easily change the drill bits and work accordingly. It makes drills a more updated tool than others.

screw gun vs drill

What if you get an option to choose between brands, what you will choose when the competition is between Kobalt vs. Craftsman and Ryobi vs. Ridgid?

What can a screw gun do for you?

If you have to deal with plenty of drywalls, then it is a must tool to have. Moreover, as it operates automatically, it works effectively when driving similar size screws. In less time, you can complete your task.

If you are a beginner, it is highly suggested to use a tool that is made for the exact purpose it has made for. With this, you can easily control the depth of the screw.

Note that these screw guns are not an adequate replacement for a drill.

But a drill can replace the work of a screw gun at a low speed. It would be best if you had the drill at low speed to make the right depth, with high speed the tool can get out of hands.

Screw guns are designed for working when using drywall. Hence it makes it a tool for a particular purpose. If you have some drywall projects in mind, you can purchase it and get the best results.

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Screw Gun vs. Impact Driver

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