Who makes William’s tools?【2021 Top Picks】

1882 marks the year of American’s best toolmaker, William tools. Since then, the industry has been introduced with top-quality products from which a handyman can take advantage.

Not just that, William tools are one of the most innovative tools in the market. Over the decades and centuries, it didn’t stick to one thing but created numerous product lines with the most updated features.

Do not confuse yourself with the numbers of products; this brand has always provided the users with the promised quality and durability. In addition to that, these tools are not only for your extensive projects but also an excellent choice for home projects.

It is loved for being the brand of beginners and professionals.

Who makes Williams tools?

Snap-on manufactures William tools. It is the designer of high-end tools for professional as well as do it yourself projects.

The history of William’s tools is quite mesmerizing. Starting from 1882 in Flushing, Queens to 1884 in Brooklyn, and changed its name to J.H. Williams & Co in 1887. Later on, as the success started, the company made its second factory in New York in 1914.

However, in 1933 the company was acquired by the Snap-on group and named Snap-on Industrial Brands.

William Tools Product Line

William tools currently owned by Snap-on has expertise in hand tools. It has plenty of items to offer in each of its tool lines.

Wrench top wrench

Among the other tools, wrenches have a high number of models in it. These vary according to the project and complexity. From the wide range, you can choose the one that is best for the task you intend to perform.

Screw Driver

It will not be wrong to say that William’s screwdrivers are the most demanded tool as it comes with exceptionally high quality and tends to last longer. Not just that these screwdrivers are best for home base projects. However, some models suit best for large projects.

Pipe Tools

The essence of these pipe tools lies in the moisture they bring with themselves. It makes it one of the most used pipeline tools in America.

Master Set tool kit

It is a toolset that every DIYer enthusiast has to have. This toolset contains tools required to perform a particular job. Therefore the toolset varies according to the need.

If you need a bigger toolset that contains all the essential tools you can choose the Mammoth toolset. Every tool in the toolset is guaranteed to have high quality and long life.

Top Picks

Willam tools have been everyone’s favorite for these being budget-friendly and high quality. However, some tools did not get much fame, but as the brand is in the market for centuries, it has produced some best tools.

Let us go through the five best tools it has that no other brand can beat.

1: Williams Mixed Screwdriver Set

Why we love it:

william tools

  • Range of 19 pieces
  • Strong grip handle
  • Best for DIY and professional projects

✅ High durability ❌ Philips screwdriver not aligned to the center
✅ Budget-friendly set
✅ Each tool has a thumb stop for easy holding

This screwdriver set is best for those who have to deal with several screws in daily routine. These screwdrivers are not only good for home projects but with the high grip, you can use it for extensive projects.

The handle gives the user maximum grip and makes sure that there is no slippage. Alongside that, the screwdrivers are highly durable. If you get one of these sets, you might not need to want to have another for life.

Learn what a screw gun does right here

2: Williams Drive Socket and Drive Tool Set

Why we love it:


  • 27 pieces set
  • 1/4-Inch Drive Socket
  • Uses high-grade chrome vanadium steel

✅ Portable blue colored tool case❌ Does not feature 12 point socket
✅ Does not damage the screw from high power
✅ Lobular openings support torque

This toolset has 27 pieces from which you can select and that too at a reasonable price. Furthermore, the quality of every piece is exceptionally high, and minor detailing makes it unique. Not just that these will last decades and offer you high performance.

With the super torque lobular the fastener doesn’t get stripped or damaged by the result of high turning power.

3: J.H. Williams Ratchet

Why we love it:

william top products

  • Flex head innovated style
  • Finely polished
  • Enclosed head to avoid any dirt or water to enter

✅ Higher durability❌ Needs to practice before using on the project
✅ Easy to use
✅ Offers easy cleaning

This Ratchet comes in 14 1/4 inch length, which is most suitable for all day-to-day projects. In addition to that, the enclosed head makes it one of the cleanest Ratchet in the market. Not just that, the enclosed head preserved the lubricant inside and works amazingly, giving high-quality results.

The grip is firm and doesn’t slip if the holder’s hand is wet or oily. It is one of the best tools for beginners as it does not require extra parts, and users can work with one hand.

4: Williams Ratcheting Screwdriver

Why we love it:

snap-on manufacturer

  • 9 inch long
  • Includes 5 bits
  • Ergonomically designed handle

✅ Extraordinary gripped handle❌ The ratcheting mechanism is not very smooth
✅ Magnetic shank for higher stability
✅ Portable case

The Snap-on group never disappoints when it comes to the amazingly designed screwdriver. It consists of 5 bits, two slotted, 2 Phillips, and 1 Torx.

The on-off locked ratcheting makes it highly consistent and easy to use for beginners also, that the magnetic shank holds the bit properly and makes the job done without any difficulty.

It is one of my favorites, and not just that, it is also Amazon’s choice. Among the many tools, it is one of the most durable, as stated by the users in their reviews.

If you are looking for bits for your drill, these guides will help you choose one. Click right here and explore

5: J.H Williams Mammoth Tool Set

Why we love it:

william's tool kit

  • Maximum tools for routine projects
  • Includes sockets, ratchets, and accessories
  • 35 drawers capacity

✅ 1,390 tools vanish the need for other tools❌ Expensive for beginners
✅ Well managed toolbox
✅ A treat for a professional

If you have started your DIY projects or are a professional, it is best to have a toolset rather than purchasing a single tool every time. However, it is expensive, still better than having different tools in different places.


These tools are one of the top sellers in America for durability and high quality. The top picks are from our personal choice; however, it has been known for many more products.

Since Snap-on took over, every minor detailing of the tool is done under experts supervisions. Hence, it was declared one of the top tool’s brands in house and commercial projects.

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